Join us and our friends from TCCL Youth on a journey of self-discovery!

Evolve (the Thekchen Choling Youth Group) caters to the needs and aspirations of 13 to 18 year-olds of any race, religion and gender. Our programs and activities are based on our foundational principles:

We celebrate the innate goodness in everyone and we want to unleash the full potential in every individual
We know our actions have the power to benefit one and all
We must experience the living Dharma, not conceptualize it
We are proud to be Champions of the Dharma
A snapshot of our recent activities include:
Our programs help youths understand the spirit of their generation and empower them to be courageous, caring, successful and socially responsible citizens of their time through creating a caring and loving environment for them. Whether it is through our self-awareness programs or community outreach initiatives, we actively equip youths with practical skills and life-affirming values.
Volunteerism in local communities (e.g., The BESAR Project, Yellow Ribbon Fundraising Project etc.)
Weekly interaction sessions organised by semester (featuring both indoor and outdoor activities)
Personal development courses
Leadership training
We are more than just another youth group. Join us today!