Arya Chundi Prayer

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2. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 2 Tel: +65 64663720 www.

1. Arya Chundi Prayers

7. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 7 Tel: +65 64663720 www.

14. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 14 Tel: +65 64663720 www. Auspicious Pra yers With Showers Of Heavenly Flowers Greatest amongst all the great ones, The Unsurpassable Buddha. By the blessings of the King of Dharma, the Sun, the Victorious One, Pacify all harms from Demons and Maras and all types of hindrances. May there be Long Lasting Glory and may the Days and Nights be auspicious. The Excellent Dharma, The Unsurpass able Truth. By the blessings of the Truth of the Holy Dharma, May all harms, from the enemy of delusion be pacified. May there be Long Lasting Glory and may the Days and Nights be auspicious. The Jewels like qualities of the Glorious Precious Sangha. By the blessings of the activities of Bodhisattvas, May the faults of misdeeds be purified and merits multiply greatly. May there be Long Lasting Glory and may the Days and Nights be auspicious.

13. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 13 Tel: +65 64663720 www. Dedication Due to these merits, may I quickly attain the state of Lhamo Chundi and lead all sentient beings to enlightenment. Due to this merit, may wisdom be a ttained to subdue all hatred and may all sentient beings be liberated from the sea of suffering. May the Bodhi mind not yet born arise and grow, may that born never decline but increase forever more. Through all my lifetimes, may I never separate from my G urus and May I always enjoy their Dharma teachings . May I achieve the knowledge of the grounds and Bhumis and attain the state of Vajradhara.

12. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 12 Tel: +65 64663720 www. Please purify all immediate ca use and previous karmas such as maras, harms and obstacles from below ground, on the ground and above ground, including plagues and untimely death. Please bestow on me the Wish - Fulfilling Siddhi so that I may attain the knowledge of samsara and nirvana. M ay all my qualities and merits never degenerate but always increase! Please bestow on me the Wish - Fulfilling Siddhi that grants all my wishes. Until I am enlightened, may I forever be protected and guided by you. Please bestow upon me the Siddhi of victor y over the 4 maras. Like the Wish - Fulfilling Tree, the Great Treasure Vase and the Wish - Fulfilling Jewel, I request you, please be compassionate and fill the vase in our hearts and fulfil all our hopes and dreams and attain all Siddhis. Sending the Guests Lhamo Chundi and entourage deities dissolve into my heart. Immediately I feel complete bliss.

3. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 3 Tel: +65 64663720 www. Arya Chundi Prayers From this moment, all mot her sentient beings and I, till enlightenment. Seek refuge to my holy Guru, Seek refuge to all the Buddhas, Seek refuge to the Dharmas, Seek refuge to all the Aryan Sanghas, Seek refuge to the Yidam and all deitie s within the sacred mandala . ( x 3 ) To the Buddha, Dharma and Aryan Sangha, I go for refuge until I am enlightened. By the merit of giving and other perfections, may I attain Buddhahood for the sake of benefiting all mother sentient beings. ( x 3 ) For the benefit of all sentient beings, may I quickly attain the state of omniscient enlightenment, for that reason, I engage in meditation and recitation of Goddess Chundi ( x 3 )

11. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 11 Tel: +65 64663720 www. Vajrasattva Long Mantra ( x 3 or x 100) (Before the completion of the practice to purify any mistakes done by misrecitation.) Om Bendza Satto Samaya / Manu Palaya / Bendza Satto Teno Patita / Dridho Me Bhawa / Sutto Kayo Me Bhawa / Supo Kayo Me Bhawa / Anurakto Me Bhawa Sarwa Siddhi Me Prayatza / Sarwa Karma Sutza Me / Tzitam Shriyam Kuru Hum / Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho Bhagawan / Sarwa Tathagata Bendza Ma Me Muntsa / Bendza Bhawa / Maha Samaya Satto Ah Hum Ph e t Please bestow upon Thekchen Choling and us , our family and friends to have good health, long life, power, prosperity, fame, good fortune and auspicious karmic connections. May Dharma Protectors always protect me. Please remove all disasters, untimely death, sicknesses, maras, obstacles, bad dreams, bad omens and eliminate bad activities. May the world be happy and there be good harvests and may grains increase and Dharma flourish. May there be goodness, peace and auspiciousness always and all our wishes be fulfilled.

4. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 4 Tel: +65 64663720 www. 7 Limb Prayer To Enhance Wishing And Engaging Bodhichitta Wholeheartedly I seek refuge to the Three Jewels; And confess all my negativities; I rejoice in the virtues of all sentient beings; And wholeheartedly uphold the Awakened state of Buddhahood. To the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha; I take refuge until I am enlightened; For fulfilling my own and others wishes; I generate Bodhicitta. By generating Sacred Bodhicitta; I treasure all sentient beings as my guests; I engage in the supreme activity of the Buddhas; May I become a Buddha for the salvation of all sentient beings. ( x 3 ) The Four Immeasurables May all sentient beings achieve extra ordinary superior happiness and its causes. May all sentient beings be free from the unbearable sea of suffering and its causes. May all sentient beings never be parted from the bliss of supreme liberation. May all sentient beings be free from aversion, attachment, clinging, feeling close to some and distant from others.

8. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 8 Tel: +65 64663720 www. Praise Vajra holder who is like the precious jewel; Whose kindness bestows and grants; The experience of great bliss instantaneously; To my Guru, I prostrate at your lotus feet. You who are the embodiment of the Buddhas of the three times; Your nature is that of compassion and wisdom; Who grants the supreme siddhis to practitioners To my Yidam, I prostrate to you. 5 Dhayani Buddhas and the 4 female deities; White bodied, divinely beautiful with three faces and twenty - six arms; With mudras bestowing all siddhi that one wishes; To the Glorious Lhamo Chundi, I prostrate to you! Goddess crowned by the 5 Dhayani Buddhas, showing the root mudra. Deity that emanates and attracts billions of Buddhas, Graceful and beauti ful, oneness with purified form aggregate. To you our holy mother, I humbly prostrate at your lotus feet!

9. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 9 Tel: +65 64663720 www. In the centre of her he art, is the white colour 8 petalled lotus. U pon the lotus and moon disc stands a white Chun ཙུཾ surrounded by the mantra Om Tsale Tsule Chundi Svaha , and upon the 8 petals. Nine rays radiate out and inside the light resides the 5 Dhayani Buddhas and the 4 Female Deities . They purify the nega tivities and the obscurations from Degye, Brahma and Goddess of the earth, and one becomes free from their influences! Om Tsale Tsule Chundi Svaha ( x 9 ) Degye (8 worldly protectors): 1) Lha - Gods, 2) Lu - Naga s, 3) Nodjin - Yaksha, 4) Driza - Scent Eater, 5) Lhama Yin - Demigod, 6) Namkha Ding - Garuda, 7) Mi - am Chi - Being with human body and head of a horse (human or what) 8) Toche Chenpo - Landlord (Violent beings with stomach on the ground e.g., snakes and lizards)

10. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 10 Tel: +65 64663720 www. Actual Recitation The garland of mantras, together with the seed syllable radiates out lights to the ten directional Buddhas to make offerings to them. 1. They are pleased and emanate nectar to the seed syllable in my heart to bless my body, speech and mind. 2. Heart mantra radiates lights to transform all sentient beings into Lhamo Chundi and remove all their obstacles and all become enlightened. 3. All beings and oneself and Chund i and are of emptiness and one nature. Namo Samenta Buddhanam Samyaksam Buddha Kotinam, Tadyatha Om Tsale Tsule Chundi Svaha (Recite as many as possible)

15. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 15 Tel: +65 64663720 www. 如是聖佛母淮提法之修唸成就法,是由上密院副住持(阿闍黎上師)、尊 勝寺退居住持,名為恰多轉世者 HE. Jhado Rinpoc he ,西元二○ 一三年九月 十六日,於達蘭薩拉上密院寮房結集整理如是儀軌。 一切吉祥 ! T he original Chundi Sadhana was composed by His Eminence the 6 th Kyabgon Jhado Choktrul Rinpoche while holding the appointment of Lama Umze of Gyuto Tantric College, Dharamsala in his room on 16 Sep 2013. Prelimin ary translation of original Chundi Sadhana from Tibetan to English by Geshe Losang Sherab, Umze of Kopan Monastery. The c omplete edition and translation of this Chundi Prayer Text for public which original from the Chundi Sadhana was done by Sing - ha Thekchen Namdrol Rinpoche on 16 May 2017 @ 12noon at Thekchen Choling (Singapore) . May All Be Auspicious!

5. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 5 Tel: +65 64663720 www. Invitation of Deity From the sphere of emptiness arises a lotus on top of which sits upon a moon disc with a white Chu n ཙུཾ . From that arises the Goddess Chundi, white in colour, adorned with ornaments and a 5 Buddha crown, emanating red rays. Seated on a Vajra posture with three faces frowning, white, blue and yellow with her central face having three eyes. Her hair is tied up in a top knot and she is adorned in divine heavenly robes and jewel ornaments. She has 26 arms and her first two arms show her root mudra at her heart. Right side  Fearless mudra  Jewelled wisdom sword  Jewellery in generosity mudra  Pomegranate  Arrow  Axe  Baton  Gada (108 spoked Vajra Mace)  Iron hook  Vajra  Flag banner  M ala

6. T hekchen Choling (Singapore) 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 6 Tel: +65 64663720 www. Left side  Jewelled victory banner  L otus  Riwachilu Fasting vase  Lasso  B ow  Harpoon  D harma wheel  Jewelled sword,  Threatening mudra,  Jewelled bhumba ,  Lance spear ,  Prajna - paramita sutra . On her crown is a white moon disc with a white Om ཨོཾ . In her throat is a pink lotus with a red Ah ཨ ཱཿ . In her heart is the sun disc with a blue Hu ng ཧུཾ . Above the Hu ng ཧུཾ is a white lotus with a moon disc, On top of which is a white Chun ཙུཾ . Goddess Chundi and your complete supporting mandala, Please spontaneously manifest together in front of us! Om Bendza Samaya Dza !


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