Extensive Teaching Prayers 闻法诵文 V8

8 July 2022 V8

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9. Prayers Before And After Teaching 9 Therefore, Shariputra, in emptiness, there is no form, no feeling, no perception, no formation, no consciousness; no eye, no e ar, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind; no appearance, no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch, no dharmas, no eye dhatu up to no mind dhatu, no dhatu of dharmas, no mind consciousness dhatu; no ignorance, no end of ignorance up to no old age and death, n o end of old age and death; no suffering, no origin of suffering, no cessation of suffering, no path, no wisdom, no attainment, and no non - attainment. Therefore, Shariputra, since the bodhisattvas have no attainment, they abide by means of prajnaparamita. Since there is no obscuration of mind, there is no fear. They transcend falsity and attain complete nirvana. All the buddhas of the three times, by means of prajnaparamita, fully awaken to unsurpassable, true, complete enlightenment. Therefore, the great mantra of prajnaparamita, the mantra of great insight, the unsurpassed mantra, the unequaled mantra, the mantra that calms all suffering, should be known as truth, since there is no deception. The prajnaparamita mantra is said in this way: Ta d y a tha ( Om ) Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha Thus, Shariputra, the bodhisattva mahasattva should train in the profound prajnaparamita. Then the Bles sed One arose from that samadhi and pra ised noble Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva mahasattva, saying, "Good, good, O son of noble family; thus it is, O son of noble family, thus it is. One should practice the profound prajnaparamita just as you have taught and all the tathagatas will rejoice."

8. Prayers Before And After Teaching 8 The Heart Sutra Thus have I heard. Once the Blessed One was dwelling in Rajagriha at Vulture Peak mountain, together with a great gathering of the sangha of monks and a great gathering of the sangha of bodhisattvas. At that time the Blessed One entered the samadhi that expres ses the dharma called "profound illumination," and at the same time noble Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva mahasattva, while practicing the profound prajnaparamita, saw in this way: he saw the five skandhas to be empty of nature. Then, through the power of the Buddha, venerable Shariputra said to noble Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva mahasattva, "How should a son or daughter of noble family train, who wishes to practice the profound prajnaparamita?" Addressed in this way, n oble Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva mahasattva, said to venerable Shariputra, "O Shariputra, a son or daughter of noble family who wishes to practice the profound prajnaparamita should see in this way: seeing the five skandhas to be empty of nature. Form is emptiness; emptiness also is form. Emptiness is no other than form; form is no other than emptiness. In the same way, feeling, perception, formation, and consciousness are emptiness. Thus, Shariputra, all dharmas are emptiness. There are no char acteristics. There is no birth and no cessation. There is no impurity and no purity. There is no decrease and no increase.

1. Extensive Teachin g Prayer s 闻法诵文 V. 8 th - 8 July 202 2

23. Prayers Before And After Teaching 23 Prayers After Teaching 闻法后诵文

27. Prayers Before And After Teaching 27 I request respectfully, my Precious and Holy Guru, To enjoy excellent health; I request respectfully, my Pr ecious and Holy Guru, To live a long life; I request respectfully, my Precious and Holy Guru, That your Dharma activities spread and flourish far and wide; I request respectfully, my Precious and Holy Guru, To bless me to be never separated from you. 祈请上师 庄严身,万寿无疆恒永住, 妙法普照十方界,尊师与我不舍离。 La - Ma Ku - Kham Sang - La Sol - Wa - Deb Chog - Tu Ku - Tse Ring - La Sol - Wa - Deb Trin - Lae Dar - Shing Gye - La Sol - Wa - Deb La - Ma Dang - Dral Wa - Med - Par Jin - Gi Lab - Tu So In all my future rebirths, May I never be separated from my Perfect Guru, May I enjoy the magnificent Dharma, And by completing the qualities of the stages and path; May I quickly attain the state of Vajradhara. 愿永不离善知识 , 妙法殊胜恒受用 , 圆满道地诸 功 德 , 速证金刚总持位 。 Kye - Wa Kun - Tu Yang - Dag La - Ma - Dang Dral - Me Cho - Kyi Pal - La Long - Cho - Ching Sa - Dang Lam - Gyi Yon - Ten Rab - Zog - Ne Dor - Je Chang - Gi Go - Phang Nyur - Thob - Shog

6. Prayers Before And After Teaching 6 The Four Immeasurable Thoughts 四无量心 May all sentient beings achieve extraordinary superior happiness! May all sentient beings be free from the unbearable sea of suffering! May all sentient beings never be parted from the bliss of supreme liberation! May all sentient beings be free of all bias, attachment and anger to near ones and aversion to others! 愿一切有情具足乐及乐因 , 愿一切有情远离苦及苦 因 , 愿一切有情不离无苦之乐 , 愿一切有情远离亲疏贪嗔住等舍 。 Sem - Chen Tam - Che Day - Wa - Dang Day - Way - Gyu - Dang Den - Par - Gyur - Chig Sem - Chen Tam - Che Dug - Ngel - Dang Dug - Ngel - Kyi Gyu - Dang Dral - War Gyur - Chig Sem - Chen Tam - Che Dug - Ngel May - Pay Day - Wa - Dang Mi - Dral - War Gyur - Chig Sem - Chen Tam - Che Nye - Ring Chag - Dang Nyi - Dang Dral - Way Dang Nyom - La Nay - Par Gyur - Chig Generating The Altruistic I ntention 发菩提心 ( x 3) To accomplish my own and others’ aims, I generate the altruistic intention to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings. 为能成就自他利 , 我今生起菩提心 。

7. Prayers Before And After Teaching 7 Seven Limb Prayer 修七支供养 Reverently I prostrate with my body, speech and mind, And present clouds of every type of offering, actually offered and mentally transformed. I confess all my negative actions accumulated since beginningless time, And rejoice in the virtues of all holy and ordinary beings. Please remain until samsara ends, And turn the wheel of Dharma for sentient beings. I dedicate all the virtues of others and myself to the great enlightenment. 我以三门诚心恭礼敬 , 尽奉实陈意现供养云 , 忏悔无始累积诸罪堕 , 随喜凡夫圣者各善业 , 生死未尽恭请常安住 , 并祈为诸众生转法轮 , 回 向自他功德於菩提 。 Go - Sum Gu - Pay Go - Nay Chag - Tsal Lo Ngo - Sham Yi - Trul Cho - Trin Ma - Lu Bul Tog - May Ne - Sak Dig - Tung Tam - Che Shag Kye - Par Gay - Wa Nam - Lar Je - Yi Rang Kor - Wa Ma - Tong Bar - Du Leg - Zhug Nay Dro - Lay Cho - Kyi Kor - Lor Kor - War Dang Dag - Zhan Gay - Nam Jan g - Chub Chen - Por Ngo

10. Prayers Before And After Teaching 10 Wh en the Blessed One had said this, venerable Shariputra and noble Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva mahasattva, that whole assembly and the world with its gods, humans, asuras, and gandharvas rejoiced and praised the words of the Blessed One. Lotsawa Bhiks hu Rinchen De translated this text into Tibetan with the Indian pandita Vimalamitra. It was edited by the great editor - lotsawas Gelong Namkha and others. This Tibetan text was copied from the fresco in Gegye Chemaling at the glorious Samye vihara. It has been translated into English by the Nalanda Translation Committee, with referenc e to several Sanskrit editions. 佛说圣佛母般若波罗蜜多心经 如是我闻 : 一时世尊 , 在王舍城 鹫 峰山中 , 与大 苾刍众千二百五 十 人俱 , 并诸菩萨 摩诃萨众 , 而 共 围绕。 尔时世尊,即入甚深光明 宣说正 法三摩地。 时观 自在菩 萨摩诃萨 , 在佛 会中 , 而此菩萨摩 诃萨 , 已 能修行 甚 深般若波罗蜜 多,观见 五蕴自性皆 空。 尔时尊者舍利子,承佛威神,前 白观 自在菩萨摩 诃萨言:「若善 男子善女人,於此甚深般若波罗 蜜多法 门,乐 欲修学者,当云何 学? 」 时观自在菩萨摩诃萨,告尊者舍 利 子言:「汝今谛 听,为汝宣说。若善男 子善女人,乐欲修学此甚 深般若波 罗 蜜多法门者,当观五 蕴自性皆空。 何名五蕴自性空耶? 所谓 即色是空, 即空是色;色无异 於空,空无异於色 。受想行识 亦 复如是。舍利子,此一 切法如 是空相。无所生、无所灭、 无垢 染、 无清净、无增长、无损减。舍利 子, 是故空中无 色、无受想行识 、 无眼耳 鼻舌身意、无色声香味触 法。无眼

3. Prayers Before And After Teaching 3 Sang - Gye Cho - Dang T sog - Kyi Chog - Nam La Jang - Chub Bar - Du Dag - Ni Ky ab - Su Chi Dag - Gi Jin - Sog Gyi - Pe So - Nam Kyi Dro - La Pen - Chir Sang - Gye Drub - Par Shog Special Bodhicitta 发殊胜心 In particular, I must achieve enlightenment quickly in order to free all the numberless kind mother sentient beings from the unimaginable oceans of samsaric sufferings and lead them to peerless full enlightenment. For this purpose, I must listen and therea fter put into practice the teachings of the profound Buddhadharma. 特为利益一切有情 , 必须速速在此生 , 证得正等觉位 , 故当修习甚深道上师瑜伽法门 。 Purification Of Obstacles Towards Listening And Teaching Of T he Dharma 净化闻法及 说法之障碍 Teyatha Shame Shamavati Shamita Shatru Angkure Mangkure Marazite Karote Keyure Tezowati Oloyani Vishuddha Nirmale Malapanaye Khukhure Khakha Grase Grasane Omukhi Param Mukhi Ahmukhi Shamitani Sarwa Graha Bandha Nane Nigrihitva Sarva Para Pravardina Vimukta Mara Pasha Sithapitva Buddha Mudra Ahnung Gatita Sarva Mare Putsa Rita Pari Shuddhe Vigatsantu Sarwa Mara Karmani

25. Prayers Before And After Teaching 25 Dedication Of Merits 回向偈 Due to this merit may I soon attain the enlightened state of Guru - Buddha, that I may be able to liberate all sentient beings from their sufferings. May the precious bodhi mind, not yet born arise and grow. May that born have no decline, but increase forever more. 谨 愿以此 诸 功德 , 速 证 上 师 佛陀位 , 渡 尽 一切有情 众 , 同登彼岸 尽 无余 。 唯愿殊 胜 菩提心 , 未生起者令生起 , 已生起者无退 转 , 恒 时 增 长 无 间 断 。 愿永不离善知 识 , 妙法殊 胜 恒受用 , 圆满 道地 诸 功德 , 速 证 金 刚总 持位 。 Ge - Wa Di - Yi Nyur - Du Dag La - Ma Sang - Gye Drup - Gyur Ney Dro - Wa Chig - Kyang Ma - Lue Pa Kye - Kyi Sa - La Go - Par Shog Jang - Chub Sem - Chog Rin - Po Che Ma - Kye Pa - Nam Kye - Gyur Chig Kye - Pa Nyam - Pa Me - Par Yang Gong - Ne Gong - Du Pal - War Shog

26. Prayers Before And After Teaching 26 Long Life Prayer for Singha Rinpoche 上师鑫和仁波切 长寿 祈请 文 Om Svasti! Like the countless light rays that radiate from the ruby mountain; Exquisite Amitayus, Lord of Everlasting Life, Who captivates and one does not tire of seeing; Whose essence is of infinite life, The nectar of immortality; Please instantly grant our Guru, The Siddhi of Stable and Everlasting Life. 嗡 苏瓦施地! 红宝山上耀光芒 , 无厌观见无量寿 , 长生不老之甘露 , 赐予 尊师 得永生 。 Om Svasti! Pad - Rab Lhun - Poi O’ser Bum - Tro - Tar Rab - Ze Ta - Wai Mi - Ngom Tse - Pak - Me Chi - Med Du - Tsi Bum - Gyi Che - Chuk - Pa Tak - Ten Dro - Wai Ngo - Po Deng - Dhir - Tsol You are intelligent and skilful in upholding the traditions Of Buddha; Spreading the Holy Dharma through explanations and practices; In order to lead disciples onto the path to liberation; You are the one who is an Unequalled Guide, Please live a long and stable life. 智巧善解皆俱足 , 护持世尊正传承 , 渡脱弟子证菩提 , 唯愿尊师寿无疆 。 Gang - Lo Thub - Pai Ring - Lug Zin - Khe - Pa Shed - Dang Drup - Pai Ten - Pa Pel - Wa - Dang Dul - Ja Nam - Drol Lam - Du God - Pa - La Dren - Pai Da - Dral Chog - Tu Shab - Ten - Shog

28. Prayers Before And After Teaching 28 Long Life Prayer for Khandro Namdrol Lhamo 桑雍南都拉姆长 寿 祈请 文 Homage to the assembly of deities who are the source of a hundred varieties of preciousness. By your knowledge, compassion and power that liberates from mere seeing and hearing. From the blessing and power of truth of the assembly of deities. May the lotus of long life, good health, happiness and prosperity blossom. 顶礼本尊海会百宝源 , 具 悲智 勇见闻即解脱 , 祈以圣众 谛 语 加持 力 , 福乐康寿盛如妙莲开 。 Nam - Trang Gya - Tsay Rin - Chung Lha - Yi - Tsog Khen - Tse Nu - Pey Thong - Thoe Thren - Dol - Wa Lha - Tsok Nam - Ki Dhen - Pey Jin - Thu - Yi Tse - Ring Ne - Mey Dhe - Jor Pe - Mo - Gye Migstema Prayer 无 缘悲心 Avalokiteshvara, great treasure of non - objectifying compassion; Manjushri, powerful and stainless wisdom; Tsong Khapa, crown ornament of the learned ones in the snowland; Losang Dragpa, I make request at your feet. 无 缘 悲心大藏 观 世音 , 无垢智慧主尊妙吉祥 , 雪 乡 学 者 顶饰 宗咯巴 , 罗 桑札巴足下我祈 请 。 Mig - May Tser - Way Ter - Chen Chen - Re Zig Dri - May Kyen - Pay Wang - Po Jam - Pel Yang Gang - Chen Kay - Pay Tsug - Kyen Tsong - Kha Pa Lo - Zang Drag - Pay Zhab - La Sol - Wa Deb

16. Prayers Before And After Teaching 16 Zab - Gye Choe - Kyi Char - Pa Ab - Tu Sol 7 Dedication 回向 : Whatever virtue I have accumulated by this practice, May it benefit the Teachings and all beings. Especially may the essence of the Teachings , Of the venerable Sumatikirti be illuminated forever. 愿我所造诸善业 , 弘扬 圣教 与有情 , 至尊罗桑之教法 , 教法心要常显耀 。 Dag - Gi Ji - Nye Sag - Pe Ge - Wa Di Ten - Dang Dro - Wa Kun - La Gang - Phen Dang Khye - Par Je - Tsun Lo - Zang Drag - Pa Yi Ten - Pai Nying - Po Ring - Du Sal - Je Shog

12. Prayers Before And After Teaching 12 The Seven - Line prayer to Guru Rinpoche 莲师金刚七句 祈请颂 Hung! In the North - West of the country of Oddiyana , In the heart of a lotus flower, Endowed with the most marvellous attainments. You are renowned as the Lotus Born , Surrounded by many hosts of Dakinis , Following in your footsteps , I pray to you to come and bless me with your grace. Guru Padma Siddhi Hung! 吽! 乌 金刹土西北隅 , 莲茎花胚之座上 , 稀有殊胜成就者 , 世称名号莲花生 , 空行眷属众围绕 , 我随汝尊而修持 , 为赐 加持祈降临 , 估 嚕 佩 玛 悉 第 吽 ! Hung! Or - Gyen Yul - Gyi Nub - Jang Tsam. Pad - Ma Ge - Sar Dong - Po La. Ya - Tsen Chok - Gi Ngo - Drub Nyer. Pad - Ma Jung - Nay She - Su Drak. Khor - Du Kha - Dro Mang - Po Kor. Khye - Kyi Je - Su Dak - Drub Kyi. Jin - Gyi Lob - Chir Shek - Su Sol. Gu - Ru Pad - Ma Sid - Dhi Hung!

15. Prayers Before And After Teaching 15 身语意之不善业 , 无始以来所造作 , 尤其违犯三律仪 , 深切悔恨尽发露 。 Gang - Zhig Thog - Me Du - Nei Sag - Pa Yi Lue - Ngag Yi - Kyi Mi - Ge Chi - Gyi Dang Khye - Par Dom - Pa Sum - Gyi Mi - Thun Chog Nying - Ne Gyoe - Pa Drag - Poe So - Sor Shag 5 Rejoicing 随喜 : By striving for much learning and understanding in this degenerate age , And by abandoning the eight worldly dharmas, You made your favourable rebirth meaningful. O Lord, in the great wave of your deeds we rejoice from the depths of our hearts . 浊世 勤修悟教理 , 撷 暇满义断八法 , 怙主 广大之 事业 , 仅此至 心 作 随喜 。 Nyig - Me Due - Dir Mang - Thoe Drub - La Tson Choe - Gye Pang - Pei Dal - Jor Don - Yo Je Gon - Po Khyo - Kyi Lab - Chen Dze - Pa La Dag - Chag Sam - Pa Thag - Pei Yi - Rang Ngo 6 Requestin g to Turn the Wheel of Dharma 请 转法轮 : I request you, exalted and venerable Gurus, W ho have gathered clouds of wisdom and compassion in the space of Dharmakaya, I n accordance with the needs of the field of your disciples, L et the rain of the vast and profound dharma thereby fall. 殊胜 至尊圣上师 , 法身布满悲智云 , 在 于 化机之大地 , 随顺降下妙法雨 。 Je - Tsun La - Ma Dam - Pa Khye - Nam Kyi Choe - Ku Kha - La Khyen - Tse Chu - Dzin Trig Ji - Tar Tsam - Pai Dul - Je Dzin - Ma La

11. Prayers Before And After Teaching 11 界 、无眼识界;乃至无意 界、无意识界。 无无明、无无明 尽 ;乃至无老死、亦无 老死尽。无 苦集灭道。无智。无所 得, 亦无无 得。舍利子,由是无得故,菩萨 摩 诃萨,依般若 波罗蜜多相应行 故, 心无所著,亦无诖碍。以无著无 碍故 , 无有恐怖,远离一切颠倒妄 想,究竟 圆寂。所有三世诸佛, 依 此般若波罗 蜜多故,得阿耨多罗 三藐三菩提。是 故应知, 般若波 罗蜜多,是广大明,是无上明,是 无等等明。而能息 除一切 苦恼。 是即真实无虚妄法。诸修学者 , 当如是学。我 今宣说般若波罗蜜 多 大明曰: 怛也他 嘎爹 嘎爹 巴啦嘎爹 巴啦桑嘎爹 波提梭哈 舍利子,诸菩萨摩诃萨,若能诵 是般 若波罗蜜多明句,是 即修学 甚深般 若波 罗蜜多。」 尔时世尊,从三摩地安祥而起。 赞观 自在菩萨摩诃萨 言:「善哉 善哉。善 男子,如汝所说,如是如 是。般若波 罗蜜 多,当如是学。是 即真实最上 究竟。一切如来亦皆 随喜。」 佛 说此经已。观自在菩萨 摩诃萨, 并诸苾刍,乃至世间天、 人、 阿修罗 、乾闼婆等,一切大 众 , 闻佛所说皆 大欢 喜, 信受奉 行 。 佛说圣佛母般若波罗蜜多心经

13. Prayers Before And After Teaching 13 Ganden Lha Gy a ma 兜率众天 Visualisation 观想 : On the summit of a cloud which resembles a heap of fresh white curd , Emanating from the heart of the Lord of 100 deities of Tushita, S its omniscient Sumatikirti, king of Dharma, together with his sons. I request them to descend to this place. 雪 白鲜酪云 海 端 , 兜率 百尊 怙主心 , 遍智 法王 善慧称 , 偕汝法子 降于此 。 Ga - Den Lha - Gye Gon - Gyi Thug - Ka Ne Rab - Kar Zho - Sar Pung - Drai Chu - Dzin Tser Choe - Kyi Gyal - Po Kun - Khyen Lo - Zang Drag Se - Dang Che - Pa Ne - Dir Sheg - Su Sol T he S even - limb P uja 七支供养 1 Entreating 启请 : In the space before me upon a lion throne, lotus and moon, Appears the venerable Guru smiling radiantly with delight, You, the supreme field for my faithful mind's collection of merit. In order that the teachings may flourish, I request that you remain for a hundred aeons. 前空狮座莲月上 , 至尊上师含笑颜 , 殊 胜福田 诚依止 , 为 弘圣教 住百劫 。 Dun - Gyi Nam - Khar Seng - Tri Pe - De Teng Je - Tsun La - Ma Gye - Pei Dzum - Kar Chen Dag - Lo De - Pe So - Nam Zhing - Chog Du Ten - Pa Gye - Chir Kal - Gyar Zhug - Su Sol

14. Prayers Before And After Teaching 14 2 Prostration 礼敬 : The wisdom of your mind embraces the full extent of all that can be known. Your well explained teachings are the ear ornament of the fortunate ones. Your beautiful body is illuminated by the glory of your fame. I prostrate to you, whom to see, hear or recollect is meaningful. 圣意遍知 一切 法 , 善缘耳饰善说语 , 令誉盛德 庄严 身 , 见闻 忆 念我顶礼 。 Shey - Ja Khyon - Kun Jal - Wai Lo - Dro Thug Kel - Zang Na - Wai Gyen - Gyur Leg - She Sung Drag - Pai Pal - Gyi Lham - Mer Dze - Pai Ku Thong - ThoeDren - Pa Don - Den La - Chag Tsal 3 Offering 供养 : This ocean of clouds of mentally created and actual offerings, R efreshing water, various flowers, fragrant incense, L ights, perfumes and so on, I offer to you, the supreme field for the collection of merit. 实陈意现供养云 , 味美净水妙香华 , 烧香灯明涂香等 , 最胜福田 仅供养 。 Yid - Ong Choe - Yon Na - Tsok Me - Tog Dang Dri - Zhim Dug - Poe Nang - Sal Dri - Chab Sog Ngo - Sham Yi - Trul Choe - Trin Gya - Tso Di So - Nam Zhing - Chog Khye - La Cho - Par Bul 4 Confessing 忏悔 : Whatever unwholesome actions, committed by body, speech and mind, I have accumulated since beginningless time, Especially transgressions of the three types of vows, W ith strong, heartfelt regret, I confess each and everyone.

22. Prayers Before And After Teaching 22 惟愿汝等至尊圣上师 , 法身虚空布满悲智云 , 然后在於化机之大地 , 随顺降下深广妙法雨 。 Je - Tsun La - Ma Dam - Pa Khye - Nam Kyi Cho - Kui Kha - La Khyen - Tsey Drin - Trig - Nay Ji - Tar Tsam - Pay Dul - Je Zim - Ma La Zab - Gye Cho - Kyi Char - Pa Ab - Tu Sol I send forth this jewelled mandala to you, Oh precious Gurus. 嗡 伊当 沽鲁 拉那 曼答拉甘 尼雅答雅蜜 Om Idam Guru Ratna Mandalakam Nirya Tayami Precious Guru, Please grant me all realizations of the path, From Guru devot ion to the completion of the training – The unified Vajra state. Please grant me blessings that my mind will become Dharma . That Dharma will become the path That hindrances in the path may not occur, That I may cease all wrong conceptions, And receive immediately the two precious bodhichittas. 恳求至尊上 师加持我,圆我道上一切皆具足, 修 习甚深道上佛子行,直至融合金刚成一体。 祈请加持我意成圣法,殊胜圣法 转 化为佛道, 道上一切障碍皆不生,一切恶误观念我灭止, 当下速 证愿行二 菩提。

20. Prayers Before And After Teaching 20 U - Su Lha - Dang Mi - I P a l - Jor Pun - Sum Tsog - Pa Ma - Tsang Wa - Me - Pa Tsang - Zhing Yi - Du Wong - Wa Di - Dag Drin - Chen Tsa - Way Dang - Gyu - Par Chay Pay P a l - Den La - Ma Dam - Pa Nam - Dang Kye - Par Du - Yang In the centre are all the possessions precious to gods and men 无 余清 净悦意供, 天人最胜圆满供, This magnificent collection, lacking in nothing 悉皆云集于中央。 I offer to you, my kind and holy root Lama 献予大慈 根 本师, Together with you, Venerable Lineage Lamas 一切真 传承上师, * La - Ma Lo - Zang Tup - Wang Dor - je - Chang And to you Lama, compassionate La - Ma Lo - Zang Tup - Wang Dor - je - Chang 圣者宗喀巴祖师 Lha - Tsog Kor - Dang Chay - Pa Nam - La Zhing - Kam Ul - War Gyi - Wo Tug - Je Dro - Way D o n - Du Zhe - Su - Sol Zhe - Nay Kyang Dag - Sog D ol - Wa Ma - Gyur N am - Kh ey Tha - Dang Nyam - Pai Sem - Chen Tam - Chay - La Tug - Tse - Wa Chen - Poi Go - N e Jin - Gyi Lab - Tu Sol Together with the assembly of Gods 所有本尊一切众, I offer this pure and beautiful collection to you 献此佛刹无量 供, In your compassion accept what I offer for the sake of all beings 受此供已 请加持, Having accepted these, to myself and to all beings 众生与我皆得 受, Please grant your blessings through your great compassion. 以大 慈悲普 加持。

24. Prayers Before And After Teaching 24 Short Mandala Offering 供外曼达拉 This ground, anointed with perfume, strewn with flowers, Adorned with Mount Meru, four continents, Sun and Moon, I offer in visualization as Field of Buddhas. May all sentient beings thus enjoy this Pure Land! 须 弥 四洲日月所庄 严, 妙香 遍 涂 华散之大 地, 观如佛土我乐敬供养,愿 诸有情共享此净 土! Sa - Zhi P o - Kyi Jug - Shing Me - Tog Tram Ri - Rab Ling - Zhi Nyi - Day Gyen - Pa Di Sang - Gay Zhing - Du Mig - Te Ul - War Gyi Dro - Kun Nam - Dag Zhing - La Ch o - Par Shog General Long Life Prayer For One’s Guru 祈 请上师长寿文 May my venerable Guru’s life be firm His white divine actions spread in the ten directions And the torch of Losang’s teachings, dispelling The three world’s beings darkness, always remain. 唯愿上 师 寿 无疆 , 殊 胜 妙法照十方 , 罗 桑 胜 者之 教 法 , 三界魔障 尽断 除 。 Je - Tsun La - Ma Ku - Tse Rap - Tan Chig Nam - Kar Trin - La Ch o k - Chur Gya - Pa Dang Lo - Zang Tan - Pai Dron - Me Sa - Sum Gyi Dro - Wai Mun - Sel Tak - Tu Na - Gyur Chig I send forth this jewelled mandala to you, Oh precious Gurus. 嗡 伊当 沽鲁 拉那 曼答拉甘 尼雅答雅蜜 Om Idam Guru Ratna Mandalakam Nirya Tayami

21. Prayers Before And After Teaching 21 1 The Short Mandala Of Seven Heaps 供外曼达拉 This ground, anointed with perfume, strewn with flowers, Adorned with Mount Meru, four continents, Sun and Moon, I offer in visualization as Field of Buddhas. May all sentient beings thus enjoy this Pure Land! 须 弥 四洲日月所庄 严, 妙香 遍 涂 华散之大 地, 观如佛土我乐敬供养,愿 诸有情共享此净 土! Sa - Zhi P o - Kyi Jug - Shing Me - Tog Tram Ri - Rab Ling - Zhi Nyi - Day Gyen - Pa Di Sang - Gay Zhing - Du Mig - Te Ul - War Gyi Dro - Kun Nam - Dag Zhing - La Ch o - Par Shog 2 Inner Mandala 供内曼达拉 The objects of my attachment, anger and ignorance, My body, my wealth and enjoyments, Without any sense of loss I offer this collection, Please accept it with pleasure and bless me with freedom from the three poisons. 令我生起 贪 嗔 无明境,怨 亲中庸色身用具等, 我均无吝奉上 愿 享 受, 加持我他当下渡三毒 。 Dag - Gi Chag - Dang Mong - Sum Kye - Pay Yul Dra - Nyen Bar - Sum Lu - Dang Long - Cho Che Pang - Pa Me - Par Bul - Gyi Leg - Zhe Nay Dug - Sum Rang - Sar Drol - War Jin - Gyi Lob Mandala Offering To Request T eachings 请转法轮(请法时 所供曼达拉) Venerable holy gurus, in the space of your truth body, from billowing clouds of your wisdom and love, let fall the rain of the profound and extensive Dharma in whatever form is suitable for subduing sentient beings.

18. Prayers Before And After Teaching 18 9 Around the south, Camara and Aparacamara 南方拂洲、 别 拂 洲, 11 Around the west, Satha and Uttaramantrin 小行洲、 胜道 行 洲,两小洲位 处西方, 12 Dra - Mi Nyen - Dang Dra - Mi - Nyen Gyi Da 14 Rin - Po - Che Ri - Wo 15 Pag Sam - Gyi - Shing 16 D o Jo - I Ba 17 Ma - Mo Pa - I Lo - Tog 13 Around the north, the s ub - continents Kurava and Kaurava 北方有声不美洲,及彼身不美洲, In the east is the treasure mountain 宝山, In the south is the wish - granting tree 如意 树, In the west is the wish - granting cow 随欲宝牛, In the north is the harvest that needs no cultivation 自 长粮谷。 Second Ring 第二圈 18 Kor - Lo Rin - Po Che 19 Nor - Bu Rin - Po Che 20 Tsun - Mo Rin - Po Che 21 Lon - Po Rin - Po Che Here is the precious wheel 宝 轮, Here is the precious jewel 如意宝珠, Here is the precious queen 王后宝, Here is the precious minister 大臣宝, 22 Lang - Po Rin - Po Che 23 Ta - Chog Rin - Po Che 24 Mag - Pon Rin - Po Che 25 Ter - Chen Po - i Pum - Ba

5. Prayers Before And After Teaching 5 Removing Obstacles 去除障碍 ( 狮面空行母 ) I prostrate to the gathering of dakinis of the three places, coming from the supreme holy site of "Space enjoying", who have the powers of clairvoyance and magical emanation and regard practitioners as their offspring. A k a Sa m a Ra t sa Sha d a Ra s a Ma r a y a Phet (recite x 3 ) Tayatha Gate Gate Para - G ate Para S amgate Bodhi Soha (clap x 3 ) 安处最胜空行刹 , 具足神通神变力 , 恒视行者如己子 , 敬礼三界空行主 , 阿 卡 萨玛 啦扎 沙答 啦萨 玛啦雅 佩 ( 念 3 次 ) 怛也他 嘎爹嘎爹 巴啦嘎爹 巴啦桑嘎爹 波提梭哈 (拍掌 3 次) Through the power of the great truth of the words of the Exalted Three Jewels may all adverse conditions be overcome, May they become non existent, May they be pacified, May all the evils, such as enemies, obstacles and hindrances and adverse conditions be pacified . Shantim Kuruye Soha ! 以神圣三宝言教真谛之力故 , 愿令遮止 , 愿令化无 , 愿令 平息 , 愿令一切魔怨障碍异类毕竟消灭 。 善定 沽鲁耶 梭 哈 ! May the eighty thousand types of obstacles be pacified , 、 May we be separated from adverse harmful conditions, May everything conducive be obtained and by the auspiciousness of everything good, May there be excellent happiness here and now. 八万魔类皆息除 , 逆害之缘咸远离 , 成就顺缘得圆满 , 今时此地吉祥临 。

2. Prayers Before And After Teaching 2 Om Ah Hung 嗡 啊 吽 ( x 3) ( T o bless our body, speech and mind 念诵三 次,加持身,口及意 ) Multiplying Virtues Mantra 增福密咒 ( x 7) Om Sambhara Sambhara Vimana Sara Maha Java Hung Om Smara Smara Vimana S k ara Maha Java Hung 嗡 萨叭啦 萨叭啦 唯嘛哪 萨啦 嘛哈 迦哇 吽 嗡 思嘛啦 思嘛啦 唯嘛哪 思嘎 啦 嘛哈 迦哇 吽 Refuge 趋皈依 ( x 3) I take refuge in the Gurus , I take refuge in the Buddhas , I take refuge in the Dharma , I take refuge in the Sangha . 上师即佛亦即法 , 上师亦为贤圣僧 , 上师造作一切善 , 我 趋 皈依诸上师 。 Namo Gurubhya , Namo Buddhaya , Namo Dharmaya , Namo Sanghaya . Taking Refuge And Generating B odhicitta 归依及发菩 提心愿文 ( x 3) To the Buddha, Dharma and Aryan Sangha, I go for refuge until I am enlightened. By the merit from listening to the Dharma may I attain Buddhahood for the sake of benefiting all mother sentient beings 诸佛正法圣贤僧 , 直至菩提我皈依 , 依我闻法诸功德 , 为渡众生愿成佛 。

19. Prayers Before And After Teaching 19 Here is the precious elephant 象宝 , Here is the precious and best of horses 马宝, Here is the precious general 将 军宝, Here is the great treasure vase 大藏瓶宝。 Third Ring 第三圈 26 Geg - Ma 27 Treng - Wa - Ma 28 Lu - Ma 29 Gar - Ma Here is the goddess of beauty 姿天女, Here is the goddess of garlands 鬘天 女, Here is the goddess of song 歌 天 女, Here is the goddess of dance 舞 天 女, 30 Me - Tog - Ma 31 Dug - P o - Ma 32 Nang - Sel - Ma 33 Dri - Chab - Ma Here is the goddess of flowers 花 天 女, Here is the goddess of incense 香 天 女, Here is the goddess of light 灯 天 女, Here is the goddess of perfume 涂 天 女 。 Top Ring 顶圈 34 Nyi - Ma Da - Wa 36 Rin - Po - Che Dug 37 Chog - Lay Nam - Par Gy a l - Way Gy a l - Ts a n 35 Here is the sun; Here is the moon 日 ﹐ 月 ﹐ Here is the umbrella of all that is precious 珍异宝 伞, Here is the banner of victory in all directions 制伏一切十方 幢,

17. Prayers Before And After Teaching 17 Long Mandala Offering 供曼达拉 Om Ah Hung 嗡 啊 吽 (x 3) Om Bendza Bhu - Mi Ah - Hung Wang - Chen Ser - Gyi Sa - Zhi Om Benza Re - Ke Ah - Hung Chi - Chag Ri - Kor Yug - Gi Kor - Wai U - Su Om Vajraground Ah Hung, 嗡 金 刚地基 啊 吽 , Here Is The Mighty And Powerful Base Of Gold, 奇妙黄金宝地 , Om Vajraline Ah Hung, 嗡 金 刚围篱 啊 吽 , The Outer Ring Is Encircled With This Iron Fence, 铁围山绕四周 , First Ring 第一圈 1 Ri - Gy a l Po - Ri Rab 2 Shar Lu - Pag - Po 3 Lho Dzam - Bu - Ling 4 Nub Ba - Lang - Ch o In the centre, the king of mountains, Mount Meru 居中山王 须弥 山 In the east, the continent Purvavideha 东胜神洲处东方, In the south, Jambudvipa 南瞻部洲南方住, In the west, Aparagodaniya 西牛 贺洲置西边, 5 Jang Dra - Mi - Ny a n 6 Lu - Dang Lu - Pag 8 Nga - Yab - Dang Nga - Yab - Zhän 10 Yo - D a n - Dang Lam - Chog - Dro In the north, Uttarakuru 北 俱 盧 洲在北边。 7 Around the east, the sub - continents Deha and Videha 东方身洲 及胜洲,

29. Prayers Before And After Teaching 29 Long Vajrasattva Mantra 百字明咒 ( 忏悔文 ) Om Bendza Satto Samaya / Manu Palaya / Bendza Satto Teno Patita / Dridho Me Bhawa / Sutto Kayo Me Bhawa / Supo Kayo Me Bhawa / Anurakto Me Bhawa Sarwa Siddhi Me Prayatza / Sarwa Karma Sutza Me / Tzitam Shriyam Kuru Hum / Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho Bhagawan / Sarwa Tathagata Bendza Ma Me Muntsa / Bendza Bhawa / Maha Samaya Satto Ah Hum Phet 嗡 本杂萨 埵 萨麻雅 / 麻努巴拉雅 / 本杂萨 埵 嗲那 巴 帝他 / 帝多美帕哇 / 苏多卡唷 美帕哇 / 苏波卡 唷 美帕哇 / 阿努啦多 美帕哇 萨哇 悉提 美巴雅杂 / 萨哇 噶麻 苏杂美 / 吉当 师利养 沽噜 吽 / 哈哈 哈哈货 帕噶万 / 萨哇 答他噶答 本杂麻美 木杂 / 本杂 帕哇 / 麻哈 萨麻呀 萨 埵 阿 吽 佩 May All Be Auspicious! 愿一切吉祥如意 !

4. Prayers Before And After Teaching 4 特雅他 沙美 沙麻巴提 沙米他 沙渡 昂沽类 茫沽 类 麻 啦 即特 卡卢特 克优类 特作 哇提 噢楼雅尼 唯苏达 尼麻类 麻啦帕那耶 枯枯类 卡卡 啦色 啦 萨呢 噢木其 帕然 木其 啊目其 沙米他尼 萨哇 啦哈 般达 那尼 尼力 其达 萨哇 帕啦 帕哇地尼 唯莫达 嘛啦 巴沙 悉达披哇 布达 目啦 阿努 噶啼塔 萨哇 嘛惹 菩萨 力达 帕力 苏第 唯噶 山都 萨哇 嘛啦 卡嘛尼


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