Conversations With My Guru

Chapter 2: Connecting all with divine hearts - What does that means?

Connecting all with divine hearts – what does that mean?

Dunbar’s Theory based on some research suggests that the human brain is limited in the number of individuals with whom it can maintain a “social relationship”, suggesting a maximum of 150. 

Most of us have a lot of acquaintances - just look at our social media list - but quite often we really don’t know that much about each other, sometimes even about our own family and closest friends.  

Over the many years reflecting on the activities of my Guru , I have felt that Singha Rinpoche is extraordinary. How? Some say because he “reads minds”, others say he has “powers”. For me, it is quite simply because he makes a genuine, personal connection and has done that with SO MANY of us across ages, locations and cultures – well beyond that number of 150. 

The question is why? Why bother so much? On many occasions he has mentioned that a lot of people have connections with him but his students and disciples don’t have as close a connection with one another. I sometimes wonder, why is that so important? We often make the aspiration to be “like the Guru”. So, what does that mean in this case? 

Rinpoche often knows us better than anyone else - sometimes even better than we know ourselves! I feel this is because he makes the effort. There is genuine interest, care and concern. Truly knowing his students and disciples is what I believe is one of the qualities that makes him an authentic Lama, a Guru. Through knowing our preferences, patterns of behaviour and disposition, he then makes a further effort to lead, mould and transform us. The methods he uses are varied ways and means to dismantle our pride, selfishness and other fixated ways of being. 

Be it a passing meeting with a waiter at a restaurant, the driver or guide during a trip, a new student or a very old disciple...his care and concern is always present. I feel Singha Rinpoche embodies bodhicitta in action, and perhaps for those who wish to follow the path, this is an example for us to emulate. 



12 Sep 2021