No Act Of Kindness,
No Matter How Small
Is Ever Wasted.



Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.

Thekchen Choling Temple is operated based on the kind generous donations of the devotees. To maintain our operation and to expand our outreach services to the Sangha and the community, it is imperative that our programs are continuously  funded at optimum levels. If you are interested in the preservation of the precious Buddhist Artifacts, or the publication of Dharma books and Sutras, or simply helping to provide medication and healing treatments, we need your support. If you are keen to support animal liberation, coffin donation or other purposes not stated in the funds, share with us! 
Do also speak to our staff if you wish to donate to our funds on a monthly/annual basis, your contribution means a lot to us.
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There is a continuous need for all our Temples to be kept in pristine conditions as lack of maintenance and renovation of all our current premises will in the long run entail even higher costs. In addition, donations for our continued growth and outreach is essential in order to make provisions for future buildings.


A wide range of education programs has been developed to meet the needs of every student, and continues to preserve the lineage and educate the next generation. Do help us to keep the courses available by supporting the cost required for conducting of such classes.


This valuable Fund supports the Body, Speech and Mind of Thekchen Choling Temple, including the printing of Buddhist Sutra and prayer books, the building or Preservation of Stupas, Statues, Mani Wheels at Thekchen Choling centers and at other monasteries and temples (such as assistance for retreats) plus purchase of robes etc.


The Sangha Fund  offers support to monasteries, nunneries, monks and nuns for food, accommodation, health care, education and practice. The support this fund over the years has had tremendous benefit and will continue to do so in the generations to come. 


As Buddhists, our love should not just be for Thekchen Choling, but for us to reach out to the community around us too. Our aim is to provide medicine and food for the needy. As such Thekchen Choling provides free consultation and traditional Chinese medicine for the needy.


It is imperative that all our programs are continuously funded at optimum levels in order for Thekchen Choling Temple to maintain and expand our outreach services to the Sangha and community. Your generous donations to the General Donation Fund will help us significantly during rainy days.


 Thekchen Choling opens it's door twenty-four hours a day. This may result in additional costs, but your donation helps us to keep our doors open and available for all people at all times. 365 days a year, anyone can come and pray, meditate and find a place of refuge and solace close to the Buddhas, or even just find someone to talk to! Thekchen Choling is not just a Dharma Propagating  Center, but a place where anyone in the community can come together, to appreciate the compassion, to learn how to do good, to provide aids for the lesser fortunate in our society and to connect people in a multitude of ways. Your pure motivation has made these possible, so please continue to support the activities, where resources are still very much needed to bring benefit to society.