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Everyone needs  listening ear sometimes, and every once in a while we seek out advise from a wiser third party, hoping to gain a better clarity of issues. Singha Rinpoche is known for giving practical advises. Many students and public hopes to tap on his wisdom in understanding how to find balance, solution to difficult scenarios and personal obstacles. Some wishes to consult Rinpoche on how they can deepen their spiritual practice. For this very purpose, Rinpoche has dedicated days where anyone can request an audience with him.

Online Audience with Rinpoche are held monthly

*Subject to changes. Please check our Telegram Channel or Facebook post for the upcoming session.


Limited slots available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Strictly by online registration only. 

Our temple personnel will contact you to provide you with the Zoom details. If registration is full for the above session, you will be informed of the next available session.


Rinpoche may also use divination based on the traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice of “MO”.
From the divination, Rinpoche may advise that certain prayers (pujas) or rituals be performed.

*The use for divination is subjective and based on Rinpoche assessment of the matter


1 On 1 Consultation

Personal & Direct Interaction

If you are facing personal or spiritual issues, a private audience with Singha Rinpoche could help alleviate your worries and provide an alternative perspective.

Pujas & Prayers

Participants can choose to have their prayers and rituals done at Thekchen Choling. If it is not available, we can also help to make arrangements for the prayers to be conducted at affiliated temples overseas. Kindly note that costs involved would include making offerings to the monks and nuns performing the ritual. Alternatively, you may make your personal arrangements for the prayers to be conducted.



Every Thursday* & Every Friday*

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