Ananda's Library


Ananda (5th–4th century BCE) was the primary attendant of the Buddha. Among the Buddha's many disciples, Ananda stood out for having the best memory, he is known as the Treasurer of the Dharma, Guardian the Buddha's teaching. Ananda performed his duties as an attendant with great devotion and care. He accompanied the Buddha for the rest of his life, acting not only as an assistant, but also a secretary and a knowledge preserver. Many people are deeply inspired by the great significance that Venerable Ananda's role has on the preservation and propagation of Dharma. 

Following the great inspiration of Venerable Ananda, 'Ananda's Library' aims to become a modern avenue for everyone to be able to gain access to the Dharma Treasures, the Valuable Intellectual Assets that Thekchen Choling has amassed over time. The library aims to preserves the teaching contents for further generation, archiving them in such ways that will help disciples  understand how huge the collection of our Gurus' Teachings has grown, making the content accessible and  use-able.
We hope to make the teaching truly available and beneficial to various communities, and we dedicate the merit and effort to since hope of preserving the pure teaching that leads directly and swiftly to enlightenment.