The Thekchen Choling Education Bursary Award was established in 2010 to provide financial assistance to students from low-income families. It is open to Singapore citizens, regardless of race or religion, who are studying in government institutions. There are three categories – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

From 14 recipients in the first year to almost 50 students now, the bursary has benefitted a lot more of the future generation.

Bursary Award Values

1. Primary: $200 
2. Secondary / JC : $300 
3. Tertiary (Polytechnic/University): $400


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List of Required Documents 申请必需文件:

1. Passport Size Photograph of the Applicant. 申请学生的护照型照片

2. Latest School Examination Results of the student applying for the Bursary. 前年学校年终考试成绩表的影印本

3. Student Certification Form from the respective educational institution. (Download Appendix A below) 所属学府盖章的学生证明文件

4. Latest Pay-Slip or Income Tax Notice of Assessment of all contributing members towards the Gross Household Monthly Income. 家长/监护人最新的收入证明文件或所得税评估通知书

5. Any Relevant Documents to support the application. 其他有助于助学金申请的文件

Download the Bursary Application Form (Eng)

Download the Bursary Application Form (Chi)

Download the Student Certification Form (Appendix A)

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How to apply:
1. Online Registration via or;
2. Scan the QR Code provided or;
3. Download the Application Form given above or;
4. Approach our Service Counter for a Copy of the Application Form.

1. 请点击 网上申请或;
2. 扫描以提供的 QR 码或;
3. 下载以上申请表格或;
4. 亲临本寺领取表格。


1. Applicant must be a Singapore Citizen.

2. Applicants must be full-time students studying in local government institutions from Primary 1 to Tertiary.

3. Total gross monthly household income must not exceed $2,500; or per capita income of not more than $600**.

4. Applicant must have good conduct and satisfactory academic performance.

5. Only  1 applicant per household can apply. 

*Total amount of gross income of all the working people in the same Household. 
**Per Capita Income= Gross family income/ Total no. of family members living together with the applicant.


1. Application forms are available at our Service Counter or you can download the Bursary Application above.

2. Please write clearly and legibly on the application form.

3. All parts of the forms must be filled in. Indicate “Nil” or “N.A.” where applicable.

4. Interested applicants to submit the following supporting documents as mentioned above.

5. Please send the completed application form together with all supporting documents to:

The Education Bursary Award Committee
Thekchen Choling (Singapore) 
2 Beatty Lane 
Singapore 209945

1. 请在本寺接待处索取申请表格或在以上下载申请表格。

2. 请在申请表格上清楚的填上所需的资料。

3. 呈交表格时,必须附上所有必需文件。
4. 请将填写的表格与附属文件邮寄至:

2 Beatty Lane

Singapore 209945


Students NOT eligible:
Applicants who are in kindergarten 2 (K2) in 2020.
Applicants from private institutions.

a) 于2020年在幼稚园上K2的学生

b) 就读于私立学府的学生

Application closes on 29 Jan 2021, 7pm.


*All decisions made are final. Thekchen Choling Singapore reserves the right to give out bursaries to the most deserving students.*

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