Before B.E.S.A.R Project

When the temple first moved to Beatty Lane, Singha Rinpoche noticed that there were many low-income families and elderly folk living in the area.
Soon enough, an initiative to help them was conceived – Project Maude was born in December 2007, named after Maude Road where many of these low-income families are located.Given the rising food prices recently, Thekchen Choling hopes to lend a helping hand to the needy by distributing food rations to them. The care-packages comprise of household essentials such as rice, cooking oil, canned food and daily necessities like towels and toothbrushes.

From the initial number of 500 packs of rations, we have increased the number of ration packs to 1000 since 2010. With this, we have benefited more than 1000 residents each time in Jalan Besar area.

B.E.S.A.R Project

Since 2014, Thekchen Choling is happy to announce that we will be jointly organizing the food ration distribution program
with Jalan Besar Citizens’ Consultative Committee, which is named as B.E.S.A.R Project.

B.E.S.A.R Project seeks to ease the burdens of the elderly and the needy staying in 3 main areas under the Jalan Besar CC, Kallang CC and Kampong Glam CC.
We will be reaching out to blocks of 1-room and 2-room flats and giving out over 1000  Gifts of love to the residents. Besar means “Big” in Malay, referring directly to the Big Hearts of the donors & volunteers.

          Help Us Provide Gifts of Love, Contribute to Our Social Outreach Effort

          Supporting the community's low income family and elderly friends

            Soul of B.E.S.A.R Project

              You Made It Possible

                THE LIFE OF THE B.E.S.A.R PROJECT

                The Life Of The B.E.S.A.R Project is the commitment of sponsors and volunteers who come together time and again to do a little for others in the community.

                We at Thekchen Choling are sincerely grateful to all the kind sponsors that has reached out to us, offering to sponsor the contents of our goody bag, subsidies and lower the the cost, in turn helping us to reach out to more needy families. We are also thankful for the various groups of colleagues, classmates, friends & families who volunteers their time with us, doing house visit with the residents, packing the goody bags, transporting and distributing them to the residents. Wiithout the effort of so many groups of people, the B.E.S.A.R project would have been logisticall very challenging to handle.

                Year 2020 Distribution

                    For year 2020, the distribution will be on:

                    Chinese New Year distribution: 05 Jan 2020 (Sun)
                    Vesak Day distribution: 26 Apr 2020 (Sun)
                    Mid-Autumn Festival distribution: 27 Sep 2020 (Sun)

                    How You Can Help

                    Step 1: Be a Donor !

                    Each Gift of Love has 15 food items and daily necessities, worth $50. You may donate items in kind or in cash. 
                    To donate for this good cause, please register here:
                    and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the necessary details.

                    Step 2: Be a Volunteer !

                    You can assist with house calls, packing of the gift of love packages
                    and actual day distribution to the homes of the elderly and needy families.
                    Sign up via this google link form:


                    Upcoming Packing & Distribution

                    Date: 26 Apr 2020 (Sun)

                     10am – Packing of Gift of Love
                    1pm – Distribution of Gift of Love

                    Venue : Jalan Besar Community Club 69 Jellicoe Rd,
                    Singapore 208737


                    Spread The Love To The Community This Vesak!

                    For enquiries, contact Dennis Yee @ 6466 3720,
                    or email to

                    Sharing The Love

                    The Light of Your Generosity Has Helped The Community

                    8+ Years of

                    Continuous care and support system to offer service to community

                    24+ Sessions of Distribution

                    Not forgetting our community friends in the festive season

                    200,000+ Goody Bags

                    The same amount of gifts were shared with our elderly and friends

                    9000+ Families Reached

                    More than a 1000 household were reached for the distribution

                    3600+ Helping Hands

                    Dedicated volunteers from various background