Devotion. Celebration

Choosing a Guru and deciding to follow him to enlightenment is as precarious, exciting, rewarding and destructive path. You know it's risky and often crazy, but that exactly what breaks and destroy the ego in you. It is so important then to check first, before one makes the connection and commitment to one's Guru. For many disciples of Thekchen Choling, we are able to say that we are extremely fortunate to have met our precious guide in Singha Thekchen Namdrol Rinpoche.

A close confide, a caring fatherly figure and wise teacher, Rinpoche is skillful in always keeping our pride and ego on the edge, not revealing a clue of what may happen next. Rinpoche uses all moments and all conditions to help us better understand ourselves, our purpose, and to develop the Bodhi Seed in our mind, inspiring us on our own quest to enlightenment.


Guru Devotion

Importance of the Guru

"Even if all qualities are completed,
Without a guru you cannot be liberated from samsara."
Explanation from Tantric Texts as shared by 
Lama Zopa Rinpoche at the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion

Celebrating The Guru's Birthday 
With Our Practice

Rinpoche teaches that the most important goal of our practice is to truly apply and experience Dharma in our lives. All the activities and teachings are not intended to just make ourselves feel good for a while. Buddha never tried to win followers over to the Dharma by making them feel good. Instead, he wanted us to integrate Dharma into our lives and experience it. Likewise, Rinpoche wants us to use every moments of our lives to truly internalize the Dharma. For the special celebration that marks the birth of our Guru, we would like to invite you to join us in practice as we do a Long Life Puja, Prayer Ceremony and offer a Guru Puja in dedication to the long, stable life of all lineage Gurus. May their Dharma wishes be swiftly fulfilled and may more beings experience great benefit from the Guru's enlightened activities. May the cause and conditions of the COVID-19 be swiftly purified in every country.  May all who are affected by COVID-19 be healed swiftly.

Celebration Highlights

Long Life Guru Puja
Auspicious Offering

A list of auspicious offering will be presented to the lineage Gurus, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas during the Long Life Guru Puja.  These offerings have specific auspicious meaning. For e.g., when we offer a mountain of longevity buns and noodles, we pray for the the long life of the lineage masters, and as disciples, we creates the cause and merit for a long life as well by making the offering as well. Similarly, when we offer gold and silver coins, we offer wealth and support for the Dharma activities, we in turn creates the cause for wealth and the huge merit to achieve it. These offerings are deeply meaningful.

All auspicious offerings are on a first come first serve basis!

We are glad to inform you all our Long Life Puja auspicious offering are taken up... ...
So check out our special Light of Longevity & Light of Vitality today!


A Very Special Blessing

Bringing home the light of the Buddhas

This year, we have humbly requested Rinpoche for a special offering where devotees can offer a light in dedication to the long and stable life of all Lineages Gurus, with the Peach Candle in dedication for Longevity and the Dragon Candle for Vitality. What makes this offering truly special is that devotees will bring the longevity candle of Guru's wisdom and love home to light after blessing. We sincerely pray that by bringing the light, you and your family will have good health, peace, joy and abundance always.
So do register your light with us online now!
I Want A Light Of Blessing! 

Heart Advice from Singha Rinpoche
During 2019 Pilgrimage to Pokhara