Being with a Guru is a deep and heartfelt connection that spans over lifetimes up until enlightenment.  A qualified Guru is a safe harbour that helps us navigate the stormy waves of samsara while on the spiritual path. This path is frequently fraught with obstacles, ego, delusions, and negative afflictions that easily confuses our polluted mind. A Guru snaps us out of our egoistic ideals and comfort zones, providing a light on the path, so that we may be able to gain clarity and wisdom on our journey towards awakening.

Disciples of Thekchen Choling are greatly blessed to have a Guru, Singha Thekchen Namdrol Rinpoche, to be our precious guide and teacher. He radiates kindness and compassion, is a caring father, and is also a wise spiritual guide who is always with us no matter how difficult the circumstances may be. The love he has for all of us is boundless and great. His wisdom strikes our deluded minds to have clarity, planting the seed of Bodhichitta deep within our mindstreams. Through him, we are inspired to understand ourselves better, to have greater self-awareness, and to lead a purposeful life that benefits others!



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Importance of the Guru

"Devotion is the opening through which the nectar of the guru’s blessings enters us."

- Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Singha Rinpoche teaches experiential Dharma, encouraging us to apply and practice the Dharma in our daily lives. Numerous disciples have received the heart of Rinpoche’s teachings, encouraging us to cultivate a Bodhisattva heart, as well as to dedicate our lives to benefitting all beings with love, compassion, and wisdom. To do this, we need to crush our self-cherishing mind and ego, so that we may realise the vast and boundless Buddha Nature that exists within all of us. Taming our minds on this path can only be achieved with a qualified Guru who can guide us to enlightenment.



Many of us have felt the essence of Rinpoche’s teachings by allowing it to transform our daily lives. We have witnessed the awe-inspiring means of his wisdom and skilful actions to awaken us. The vastness of his compassion and wisdom is indescribable.

Therefore, we pray that our Guru will live a long and healthy life so that he may be able to continue turning the wheel of Dharma to benefit all sentient beings. On this special occasion that marks the birth of our Guru, Singha Rinpoche, we dedicate a long-life Guru Puja to him and all lineage Gurus. Just as what Lama Zopa Rinpoche said about blessings, it is due to the kindness of our Gurus that we are able to receive blessings from Buddhas:

“The blessings of Buddhas cannot be received without a guru. The benefit of correctly practicing guru devotion is that it liberates you from oceans of samsaric sufferings and brings you to enlightenment. By pleasing the guru your negative karma is burned up in a second.”

Let’s all come together to request Singha Rinpoche and all lineage Gurus to live a long and healthy life to turn the wheel of Dharma for all beings in this long-life Guru Puja.

May all our Guru’s Dharma wishes be fulfilled and actualised immediately!

May all sentient beings be able to enjoy the Dharma day and night and gain awakening through our Guru’s enlightened activities!

May all countries live in peace and harmony, and may all people enjoy stability, growth and success! 



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Gift of Devotion:

Lhamo Cundi Mantra Practice



Let us join our hearts and collectively accumulate 10,000,000 of the Lhamo Cundi short mantra together from now till Birthday of Lhamo Cundi, 24 April 2024, 2359hrs (SGT GMT +8)!

H.E. Kyabje Jhado Rinpoche specially advised that it would be greatly beneficial for disciples and students of Singha Rinpoche to recite Cundi mantra to dedicate to the long life and good health of Singha Rinpoche. All are welcome to contribute as many mantras as you can to pray for our Guru!

The total mantra count will be presented as a Gift of Devotion to Singha Rinpoche. We will also dedicate these merits to the long life of H.H. Dalai Lama, H.E. Kyabje Jhado Rinpoche and all lineage Gurus.

May all the holy wishes of all kind lineage Gurus be manifested quickly. May all Dharma centres, especially Thekchen Choling Temples, have success and flourish the Dharma extensively for all disciples, students, sponsors, members, and all sentient beings! 

More about Lhamo Cundi

Lhamo Cundi Mantra (short):

Om Tsale Tsule Cundi Svaha

准提佛母心咒 :

嗡  折隶  主隶  准提  娑哈

Start of Accumulation 持咒开始: 19/01/2024, 1900hrs (SGT, GMT +8)
Last Submission Date 持咒圆满: 24/04/2024, 2359hrs (SGT, GMT +8)

Submission of Completed Mantra Counts


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Cundi Mantra Cumulative Count




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Long Life Guru Puja for Singha Rinpoche

Date: 10 Mar 2024
Time: 3.30pm (Singapore time, GMT +8)
Venue: Thekchen Choling Singapore, Main Hall  

The long-life Guru Puja is an important ceremonial practice whereby a procession of elaborate symbolic offerings, heartfelt prayers and requests are made to our kind spiritual master, to supplicate for their continued good health and long life.

This offering practice purifies any mistakes that occur within the relationship between guru and disciple and creates the meritorious conditions for the guru to remain amongst us.

Singha Rinpoche will be attending this puja.




Join us in our collective efforts and practice of Guru Devotion. Contribute towards the sponsorship of the following prayers and offerings on 10 Mar 2024 and 13 Mar 2024 to pray for the good health and long life of our Guru, Singha Rinpoche.

1. Long Life Guru Puja performed by Thekchen Choling disciples worldwide on 10 Mar 2024.

2. Offering of a Long Life White Heruka Rupa, Eight Auspicious Signs, Seven Precious Royal Objects, Eight Medicinal Substances and many other auspicious offerings on 10 Mar 2024 during the Long Life Guru Puja.

3. Shakyamuni Buddha and Sixteen Arhats Puja and Namgyalma Puja to be performed at Thekchen Choling Singapore. 

4. 5,555 butter lamps to be offered at the holy Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal.

5. Offering of prayer flags, white wash, shambu and painting the eyes of the Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal.

6. Hayagriva Puja with 100 Tsog Offerings to be performed at Sera Jey Monastery (India).

7. Tara Puja with 100 Tsog Offerings to be performed at Kopan Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery (Nepal).

8. Namgyalma Puja to be performed by Shelka Cheode Monastery (Nepal).

9. Offering of full day of meals and tea for all the monks at Sera Jey Monastery (India) and Shelka Choede Monastery (Nepal).

10. Offering of breakfast and lunch for all Kopan monks and nuns and Namgyal Jyangchub Choeling (Nepal) monks.

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Dharmachakra Mandala Offering

Offering date: 10 Mar 2024

Dharmachakra means turning the wheel of Dharma. Offering the Dharmachakra Mandala to one’s Guru signifies the disciple’s devotion and long life request for the Guru’s extended life span, and to turn the wheel of dharma for the benefit of all beings.

The offering of Mandala also signifies the offering of the universe and the disciple’s body, speech and mind to the Guru as our precious human rebirth is liken to a wish-fulfilling jewel. Through the Guru’s wisdom and skilful means, our Buddha Nature is awakened and ripens quickly. As such, this human rebirth becomes the cause for our enlightenment.

Disciples making this offering are invited to attend the Long Life Guru Puja Ceremony and offer the Mandala during this puja.  

Note: Limited sets only.

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Long-Life Tsog Offering

Offering date: 10 Mar 2024

Contribute to our collective efforts and practice to offer tsog which includes a birthday cake and food offerings for the Long Life Guru Puja on 10 March 2024.

The tsog collected will be donated to charity after the puja. The food offerings will be offered to H.E. Jhado Rinpoche, Singha Rinpoche, the Sangha, volunteers and guests in attendance.

Benefits of this practice: Purification of all negativities and obscuration. Awakening and ripening of good conditions that deliver us into the Dharmakaya state.

We welcome you to contribute any amount.

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Auspicious Prayers and Offerings

Offering date: 10 & 13 Mar 2024

Sponsor the various prayers and offerings mentioned above as we pray for the good health and long life of our Guru, Singha Rinpoche. Join us in our collective efforts and practice of Guru Devotion!

Benefits of this practice: To accumulate merits and create the causes and conditions for our most precious Guru to remain with us in the world for a long time in order to turn the Dharma wheel, bringing countless benefits to all beings.

We welcome you to contribute any amount.

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Silver Action and Victory Vases

Offering date: 10 Mar 2024

Support the beneficial activities of our precious Guru by offering this silver vase set that consists of an Action Vase and Victory Vase. Offering both vases creates the causes for having stability in one's long life and good health to accumulate many virtues, as well as having stability in Dharma practice towards enlightenment.

Only 1 set available. Interested devotees may contact
Ms Ng Yizhen @ +65 - 81813720 to enquire.

*Photo is for illustration purpose only.

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Customised Silver Kapala Set

Offering date: 10 Mar 2024

This kapala set is uniquely customised to fit the size of Singha Rinpoche’s fist. As a ritual implement, the kapala is made to be shaped into a human skull, to symbolise egolessness or emptiness of the self. By offering this set, one creates causes for accomplishment in Dharma cultivation and having a good quality of life.

Only 1 set available. Interested devotees may contact
Ms Ng Yizhen @ +65 - 81813720 to enquire.

*Photo is for illustration purpose only.

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Divine Initiation Emblems

Offering date: 10 Mar 2024

These eight divine initiation emblems symbolises the five wisdom Buddhas. By offering these emblems, one creates the causes to realise the wisdom of the five Dhyani Buddhas. Many blessings also come from offering these emblems as one creates great causes for accomplishment in Dharma cultivation.

Comprises of 8 emblems in total, offering for each piece is S$555. Interested devotees may contact Ms Ng Yizhen @ +65 - 81813720 to enquire.

*Photo is for illustration purpose only.


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