How to be a Dharma Detective

#Inspiration Sunday

How to Become a Dharma Detective?


Many of us have studied a lot of dharma. We have had our own experiences. And sometimes we get drowned in those experiences. We fail to see whatever we are experiencing as an expression of our dharma practice.


When we encounter difficult situations, we must refrain from becoming emotional and over reactive. We must train to be like detectives because we need to be able to see beyond just the way things appear to us. Here are three steps to do that.

First, we should practice protecting our minds so that they do not become stained by ego, self-cherishing, praise & blame, and gifts & honor. We are so used to reacting to everything immediately. We are too quick to judge and to place blame. We need to be able to stop and to determine the real motive behind what just happened.

Next, we must think about how the experience could be spiritually enriching. Many people might examine lessons, but only thinking samsarically. Because in learning something, we do gain the weight of carrying more mental baggage. Whatever the situation, we should see and study how it affects our being as a whole, and not just our “I.” Identity is only the mental fixation of who we believe we are.

And lastly, we must train and believe that we are a future Buddha because we indeed are. A Buddha is only an emanation and a manifestation of your enlightened mind. Of course, there are different levels of enlightenedness, but a wise person is considered wise because other people recognize his or her activity of sharing knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

So manifest and give your Buddha-ness, your love, support, compassion, kindness, your listening ear, your friendliness, and your loveliness. Manifest connectedness because we need to connect for life to become meaningful. If there is no connection, there is just you and me. When there is a connection, then we are one without even the need to say it. So manifest the Buddha in you.

All beings have their own nature, and that very nature comes from our previous lives. So don’t always believe in your own realizations and don’t always believe in the realizations of others. You can listen and observe, and if these realizations help you to have your own “a-ha moment,” that’s awesome. But we must probe deeper to see whether these realizations are helping us overcome our emotions, our thoughts, and our egos. Trust your Buddha nature and let it grow. Listen to others in a way not just to give them advice but in a way that supports them in manifesting their own enlightened aspects.

We may all have gained some worldly success, but check this; did our minds and hearts evolve and transform into something bigger and better? Introspect this to look for clues. Connect them. And presto! You will become a dharma detective!

Dharma Teaching by Singha Rinpoche & Edited by Sandeep Nath 

13 Sep 2020