What is this Guru-thing really?

#Inspiration Sunday

What is this "Guru-thing" really?


"Something so simple, such as listening to a dharma teaching, can shape a great difference in the entire universe. Dharma has so many different meanings, so it takes a Guru to point to yours."


The essence of dharma is in the wisdom of experiencing emptiness. Of realizing the interdependent origination or dependent arising. Dependent arising means that nothing truly exists by its self. Everything is dependent upon another thing to exist. And things are only as real as the conditions allow it to be. This concept is one that we must never take for granted because even our own life is dependent upon so many conditions.

When you make a decision, it is based upon the current conditions. What is important is your motivation due to karmic conditioning. So we must become comfortable with our karma. Don't always be so concerned thinking about and comparing yourself to other people's conditions. We all may be equal beings, but our skills are not identical, and neither is motivation, capability, merits, and so many other things.

But we can create things, and we can recreate things. You can recreate your life and recreate your views. All of us are seekers, and so everybody wants to see results, but can you enjoy the experience of it? Can you be present here, there and now? To have a particular outcome, we need the "now," the present moment, so pay attention. Enjoy the experience. Sometimes we don't take the time to enjoy or to appreciate it because everything is so convenient, ready-made, and easy.

The most outstanding teacher is the one who can teach through sharing experiences and by offering the wisdom that can inspire others. To benefit all sentient beings is not to spoon-feed them but rather to be there as a traveling companion to them.

Your Guru is your wisdom companion.

You can read from books, or you can watch YouTube or Facebook videos to gather information, but do you want to collect the general knowledge, or do you want the personalized understanding from someone who knows you? Your Guru knows you. You and the Guru must have a kind of mutual understanding and mental intimacy. On a beginner's foundational level, you will have a student-teacher relationship. On a deeper level, in the Guru-disciple relationship, when your eyes meet, you know what each other needs in their hearts.

Find a Guru who will lead you to enlightenment, not just to a nice dinner or pleasant enjoyment. Find one that does not cause outer obstacles for you and one who does not care about name, fame, honor, and praise but works to benefit sentient beings.

Once you have found that Guru, serve him/her well because your Guru is directing you to grow from the foundational level. When you don't need spoon-feeding anymore, you must support him/her. That way, you will grow together. And practice well.

Dharma Teaching by Singha Rinpoche and Edited by Sandeep Nath 

8 Nov 2020