Offer Light on Chokhor Duchen!

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📅Date日期: 21/7/2023 (Fri周五)

⏰Programme (SGT, GMT +8):
8am- Ocean of Raining Clouds Raining Down Good Fortune (Tib)
10am- Shakyamuni Buddha and Sixteen Arhats Puja (Tib)
8pm- Special Prayer Request (Eng) followed by Dharma Teaching (Chi)

✨The ‘First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma Day’ (Tibetan: Chokhor Duchen) is an important day in which we commemorate Buddha Shakyamuni’s first Dharma teaching after attaining enlightenment. On this day, merits gathered from engaging in virtuous activities, such as making offerings, are multiplied by one hundred million times.

👉You may offer light and dedicate merits through the puja here.