We live many lives and in every life it begins with birth and ends with death. Every sentient (living) being has consciousness will transmigrate from one life to another. The cycle continues (rebirth) until, we achieve Nirvana where we will be free from the cycle of birth and death. The condition of one’s rebirth is determined by one’s karma. These karmas can be good, bad or even neutral, depending on one’s past actions.

During the time of death, the consciousness will leave the physical body and take the form of an intermediate body (bardo) or what we call in mandarin 灵魂.This is the stage where the process for next life begins. Beings in these forms may take up to 49 days to determine their next place of birth. The rebirth will match the karma of the bardo being and that of the future parents. The bardo being will be drawn by the force of attraction of its future parent. It is the force of attraction that will cause the consciousness of the bardo being to enter the fertilized ovum. This happens at the time of conception and thus a New Life begins.

It is very important that the process of death be prepared properly so that rightful conditions are created for a favorable rebirth. As a family or a friend of the dying, one should observe the following:

At the point of dying:

1. Keep the person’s mind calm and happy

2. Remind them of the positive things that he/she has done

3. Encourage them to remember their spiritual teacher or the Buddha

4. Recite some prayers or mantras

5. Place a mani wheel or some dharma text beside a person

6. It is best if it can be arranged for the dying to rest at home

During the time of death:

1. Do not cry or talk about the person’s possessions in front of him/her. Do it in a separate room

2. Place some sand Mandala or Powa pills on his/her crown

3. Do not move the body immediately after death. Wait for at least 6-8 hours. If you know the Lion’s position of lying down, do so, and leave it for 6-8 hours

4. Do not play musical instruments or any music from the music player

5. Do not place any strong smelling object including burning incense in the room. Or anything that cause strong attachment to

6. Recite the prayers for the dead or arrange monks and nuns to do so

7. Preparing for rebirth at the point of death

8. We help grieving families and friends to conduct proper funeral rites for the dearly departed. We are the first establishment in Singapore to be able to provide Vajrayana funeral rites which follow closely to the teachings of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist tradition.

All Buddhists, regardless of tradition, free thinkers as well, are able to benefit from the Vajrayana funeral arrangements. We focus on providing the appropriate services according to the family’s needs and preferences without compromising the necessary rituals and rites to benefit the dearly departed. This is an end to end service from the point when the person is dying to death and lastly the rites after death.

We also provide the following services:

  • Mahayana Buddhist funeral services

  • Tombstone/Columbarium design

  • Fengshui reading at the cemetery sites

  • Other necessary full funeral arrangement and management

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