#AskRinpoche :How to Overcome Fear? #仁波切问与答: 如何克服恐惧?

#AskRinpoche With Singha Rinpoche #仁波切问与答 Question of the Day: How to Overcome Fear? #AskRinpoche series is a bi-weekly video series on Wednesday night at 8pm, where Rinpoche will explain and shine light on questions that you may have on this path of enlightenment. If you have any questions that you would like to ask Rinpoche, you may write in this link: https://tinyurl.com/askRinpocheQ Clarifying the View, Illuminating the Path Singha Rinpoche 11 Nov 2020 今日答疑:如何克服恐惧? #仁波切问与答是每两周一次的视频系列,在周三晚上8点,仁波切将解释并照亮你在这学习佛法之路上可能遇到的问题。 若您有任何佛法疑问想请教上师,您可点击此网址:https://tinyurl.com/askRinpocheQ 写下您的问题。 以正见解惑,持道上明灯。 鑫和仁波切 2020年11月11日 #SinghaRinpoche #dharma