Vaidurya Healing Festival

Healing Inner & Outer Worlds
17th September - 05th November 2021

Vaidurya Healing Festival 2021

The First Doctor: Medicine Buddha Bhaisajyaguru is the Buddha for healing who vowed to help heal all the sick and the injured, and is often called upon to help eliminate sickness. 

Medicine Buddha is also described as a doctor who cures suffering using his teachings as medicine. It is written in the sutras that if you speak the name of the Medicine Buddha in the ears of a dying animal/human they will be ensured good rebirth regardless of their past karma.

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Thus, the practice of Medicine Buddha is not only a very powerful method for healing and increasing healing powers both for oneself and others, but also for overcoming the inner sickness of ignorance, hatred & attachment. 

So, meditating on the Medicine Buddha can help greatly decrease physical and mental illness and suffering. This is why Thekchen Choling celebrates Vaidurya Healing Festival to liberate the sufferings of all beings.


Pledging 100,000 mantras globally from 17 Sept to 4 Nov!

Dedicating to the healing of our inner and outer worlds, and the wellbeing of all sentient beings with whom we share the world with. Let's join forces and do our part by contributing to the common goal! Pledge now!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for the pledge.


Thank you for your submission for the Seven Medicine Buddha Long Mantra. 
Submission is now officially closed.


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Global Accumulation of Seven Medicine Buddha mantra - Submit Your Counts! 

Thank you and rejoice in your commitment to pledge and recite the Seven Medicine Buddha Long Mantra. 
To prevent submitting the wrong count, do take note of the submission process and the example given!

全球共同累积药师七佛长咒 - 提交遍数!



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Weekly Medicine Buddha Puja Group Practice

Already pledged but do not know how to chant? Needed the motivation to hit your pledged count?

Let our weekly Group Practice cheer you on as we recite & accumulate vast merits together! Starting from 19 Sept till 4 Nov, every Sun at 2.30pm, we will be doing the Seven Medicine Buddha Long Mantra together!

May the world and all around you be healed and have peace!

Upcoming Activities...

Commencement of
Vaidurya Festival

Recitation of Seven Medicine Buddha Sutra (Chi)

Online Refuge Ceremony

The door to being a Buddhist is by taking refuge in the Triple Gems.

Medicine Buddha

Celebration Day

Medicine Buddha Puja with Special Teaching by Singha Rinpoche (Eng)

Lord Medicine
Buddha Fire Puja

Medicine Buddha Fire Puja purifies the karma of unwholesome actions, clears obstacles & defilements.

Opening of Vaidurya Healing Festival 2021 

Capturing the Moments 


" If you pray to Guru Medicine Buddha, you will quickly accomplish all that you wish. Just hearing the holy name of Guru Medicine Buddha and the sound of his mantra closes the door to rebirth in the suffering lower realms. It is written in the scriptures that you should not have a two-pointed mind (doubt) with regard to these benefits. "

~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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