Qing Ming Festival

Season of Gratitude and Remembrance

24 March to 7 April 2023

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Qing Ming is a deeply rooted Chinese tradition where we express filial piety by dedicating prayers to ancestors and the dearly departed. As Buddhist teachings also recall how all beings have once been either our father or our mother in the numberless eons, let us also share love and merits with those who are karmically linked to us during this season of remembrance. 

Throughout our Qing Ming Festival event, our resident Sanghas will be conducting prayers and offerings for 15 days consecutively, dedicating merits for the departed to transcend samsara and swiftly transmigrate to Amitabha’s Pureland. 


Upcoming Programmes

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Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance

Part 1 – 24 Mar (Fri), 8pm
Part 2 – 28 Mar (Tue), 8pm
Part 3 – 31 Mar (Fri), 2pm

The Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance was written in Tang Dynasty by Venerable Wuda for us to reflect and repent on the negative karma that we have accumulated over numerous lifetimes. Join us in this ritual to help the deceased abide in serenity and gain rebirth in Buddha’s Pureland.

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Qing Ming Festival (Actual Day) 清明节

5 Apr 2023 (Wed), 8pm
Recitation of "Amitabha Sutra" (Chi)

All are welcomed to join us for Sutra recitation on-site at our temple on the actual day of Qing Ming Festival. Let us send our kind thoughts through prayers to those we dearly missed, wishing them to be free from sufferings and gain rebirth in the Pureland of Amitabha Buddha. If you have a set of Haiqing and Manyi, do remember to bring them along. 

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Dharma Teaching

6 Apr 2023 (Thu), 8pm
Topic: Life and Death Matters

Qing Ming is a time of the year that intrigues us to reflect on life, death and regeneration of human lives. This teaching will be conducted in a Q & A manner with Singha Rinpoche on the topic of 'Life and Death Matters'. Participants may ask questions in relation to samsara and rebirth, Buddha's pureland, prayers for the dying or deceased, and practices at the time of death.

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The Grand Finale

7 Apr 2023 (Fri), 2pm
Recitation of "88 Buddhas Repentance" & "Amitabha Sutra" (Chi)

On this day, all offered tablets will be brought to our Main Hall for Grand Dedication of Merits. If you would like to pay respects to your dearly departed on this day, it's best to do so before 1pm.  Bountiful Food Offering ceremony will be held concurrently with Prayers Recitation on this day.


Special Highlights


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    Gratitude & Remembrance Tablets

    By offering the tablets, merits generated from our collective prayers will be dedicated to your family ancestors/dearly departed/past creditors/unfortunate unborn/wandering spirits.

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    Gratitude & Remembrance Package

    Each package comes with 10 essential offerings for a dedication tablet of your choice. Our Venerable Sanghas will personally bless the offerings and recite a special prayer according to the name indicated on the tablet, praying for the departed to have swift rebirth in Amitabha’s Pureland.

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    Bountiful Food Offering

    Practice generosity by making bountiful food offerings! With the recitation of mantras and prayers by Singha Rinpoche and Sanghas, these offerings will be visualised as wonderful delicacies that will be offered to the Three Jewels and all sentient beings in the ten directions. Upon completion of the ceremony, all food items will be donated to charity, making it even more meritorious!

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    Exquisite Ceremonial Offering

    We will be setting up elaborate shrine offerings in the main hall before the Dharma Throne with ceremonial wares holding light, incense, flowers, fruits and vegetarian delicacies. These will be offered to all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, realised masters, protectors and celestial beings. Through this offering, may you have a deep connection with Buddha and have all aspirations fulfilled!

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Benefitting Departed Pets


Prayers for Dearly Departed Pets

Did you know? If you have had a pet, you can send gifts of love and prayers to your dearly departed pet through a dedication tablet. As Buddha advocates for the equanimity of all beings, Sutras and Mantras that were taught by Buddha are beneficial to all beings including animals as well, even after they have departed from this world. 

In our Qing Ming Festival event, these tablets with names of deceased pets will be placed at the temple, where our resident Sanghas will dedicate merits everyday to pray for their higher and more fortunate rebirth.

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Video Highlights


Qing Ming Festival Opening 2022

Let us remember & express gratitude to our departed loved ones, something we pass down to our next generation - the precious virtue of filial piety and the importance of treasuring kinship.


Purpose of Writing Dedication tablets

Find out why we write dedication tablets during prayer and puja sessions.


Qing Ming Festival Finale 2021

Check out the Qing Ming festival finale for 2021.


Uncle Douglas 

~ a Senior Disciple and Mentoring Senior of Chinese Chanting Class

Many from the younger generation find it hard to understand the purpose of the chanting rites. Many are foreign to the culture or unfamiliar with the prayers. It is very important for us to share with you that these should not stop you from stepping up and finding out more with us. With our qualified Sangha and many seniors who are always ready to help answer your query, come spend time with us as we find both understanding and personal meaning in the prayers, chanting and rites.


Remember Qing Ming

The Qing Ming Festival may be a traditional Chinese festival, deeply rooted in the Chinese culture, but it is not just an occasion where we give reverence to our own ancestors. It is also a time where we dedicate prayers to our loved ones who have passed on, and to remember and share our love with those who are karmically linked to us. Come join us as we perform both Tibetan and Chinese transmigratory prayers for all sentient beings.


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