Sangyum Namdrol Lhamo - Long Life Prayer

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1. Long Life Prayer Of Khandro Namdrol Lhamo Nam - Tr ang Gya - Tsay Rin - Chung Lha - Yi - Tsog Kh e n - Tse Nu - Pe y Thong - Tho e T h ren - D ol - Wa Lha - Tsok Nam - K i D hen - Pe y Jin - Thu - Yi Tse - Ring Ne - Mey D h e - Jor Pe - Mo - Gye Homage to the assembly of deities who are the source of a hundred varieties of preciousness. By your knowledge, compassion and power that liberates from mere seeing and hearing. From the blessing and power of truth of the assembly of deities. May the lotus of long life, good health, happiness and prosperity blossom.


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