Wisdom Light Offering Prayer

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2. 2 May I quickly attain Buddhahood and be steadfast in my Bodhisattva activities . Through the merits of all beings, may there be no plagues and warfare . May all be free from fights, quarrels, depression, and starvation . May all be bestowed with auspiciou sness ! May all beings have all their dharma and worldly needs fulfilled. May all be bestowed with auspiciousness! I dedicate these merits to all Mahadevarajas, Brahma, Indra , and Dharma and Worldly Protectors. And to the Eight Legions of Devas and Nagas, and the Gods residing in the sea, on and under the land, and in the vast expanse of s pace . And to our parents, ancestors, karmic creditors and all sentient beings. May the obscuration of the three worlds be totally purified. May all karmic obstacles of the mind, previous karmic causes and negative karmic ripening be purified. May all have the great awakening of Wisdom! May all transgressions and obstacles be purified and may all cultivate the Bodhisattva Path until enlightenme nt ! Composed by Singha Rinpoche on the Lunar Fourteen Day of the Fourth Month of th e Metal Rat Year at 5 pm , Singapore time . Transcribed by Namdrol Dechen and translated by Sangyum Namdrol Lhamo.

1. 1 Wisdom Light Offering Prayer R am Yam Kam ! Om Ah Hung ! In a vast jewe l led vessel , filled with blissful nectar oil, limitless like the sea . The s andalwood candlewick is high and mighty like Mount Meru , and the light flickers brighter than the sun and the moon. Om Bendza Aloke Ah Hung ! This light multiplies and transforms into countless lights, immeasurable like the milky way. I offer this to my Guru , the Three Roots and the Three Refuge, and the host of Mandala Deities and Dharma Protectors , And to all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions and three times , And to all Pratyeka - Buddhas, Arhats, Mahadevarajas, and Eight Legions of Devas and Nagas, and all Landl ords. Om Ah Hung (x7) May all beings and I realise and stabilize our selfless nature . May I awaken into Maha - Anuttara - Samyak - S am b odhi and lead all beings to the awaken state.


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