Praises to the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones

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2. 2 Praises to the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones It is very important to recite this through once before beginning any activity. Whatever project, it will work out exactly as you wish. OM Homage to the Buddha, Dharma and Noble Sangha; and all that dwell in the auspicious realms of the ten directions, where all appearance and existence is completely pure, its nature spontaneously perfect; m ay all be auspicious for us! Bless us Dronmey Gy alpo, Tsalten Dondrub, Jampa’i Gyenpal, and Gedrag Paldampa. Gyacher Dragpa, who loves all sentient beings; Tsaldrag Pal, whose compassion is as high as Mount Sumeru; Drag - Pa’i Pal, who cares for everyone, and Tsal - Rab Drag - Pal, who brings satisfaction to all beings; just hearing your names increases glory, auspiciousness and success! We pay homage to these Eight Sugatas! The youthful Manjushri, glorious Vajrapani, Avalokiteshvara, Lord Maitreya, Kshitigarbha, Nivaranaviskambin, Akashagarbha, and the most n oble Samantabhadra: Homage to these Eight Bodhisattvas, who are supreme in granting auspiciousness and success; gracefully holding your emblems: the utpala flower, vajra, white lotus, naga - tree, wish - fulfill jewel, moon, sword , and sun! Making offerings to the Buddhas of all directions and the times are the goddesses, the ‘creators of delight,’

3. 3 Holding the eight sublime emblems: the precious umbrella, the auspicious golden fishes, the wish - fulfilling vase of goodness, the exquisite kamal a flowers, the conch of fame and glory, the excellent knot of prosperity, the eternal banner of victo ry, and the all - powerful wheel; Homage to these Eight Auspicious Goddesses: Beauty, Garland, Song, Dance, Flowers, Incense, Light and Perfume! Just think ing of your essential qualities makes success grow more and more! The great Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, and Indra; the Kings of the Four Directions: Dhritirashtra, Virudhaka, Virupaksha, the Lord of Nagas; and Vaishramana - each one holding your divine emblem: the wheel, trident, conch shell, vajra, vina, sword, stupa and banner of victory! I pay homage to the Eight Guardians of the World who make auspiciousness and prosperity grow in the three realms! * With all obstacles and harmful influences pacified, may t he work we are now about to begin meet with ever growing fulfillment and success, and bring good fortune, prosperity, happiness and peace for all! ( * Recite last verse three times) If you recite this when you arise, you will accomplish all your aims for that day. If you recite this when you go to sleep, you will experience excellent dreams. If you recite this when you go to war, you will be victorious. If you recite this when you beg in an activity, what you wish for will increase. If you recite this daily, longevity, glory, fame, prosperity, auspiciousness, happiness, and excellence will all be accomplished abundantly in accordance with your wishes. All harmful actions and obscuration s will be purified. Both the higher realms and the excellent Buddhahood – all aims will be accomplished. This was said by the supreme victor. This was written on the 3 rd day of the 3 rd month, a Sunday, in the year of the fire monkey. This rose out of the v ast mind of Jampal Gyewa’i Dorje (Mip’ham Rinpoche 1846 - 1912). at an auspicious moment. And it is called the Great Garland of Jewels. Translate into English in 2007 by Archarya Dawa Chhodak Rinpoche and Kunzang Dechen Chodron.

1. Praises To T he Eight Noble Auspicious Ones TASHI TSIGPA P’hag - Pa Tra - Shi Gyed - Pa’i Tsig - Su Ched - Pa Zhug - So


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