House Blessing

Usher in Unbelievable Amount of Merits During This Lunar New Year!

As per Rinpoche’s advice, for this coming Lunar New Year, to usher in auspiciousness and to ward off astrological harms, it is good to invite sanghas to your house or office for blessings.

This is also a skilful way for us to accumulate unbelievable amount of merits during this auspicious month.

In Buddhism, the Triple Gem or our three Refuge is the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

And as taught by Lama Zopa Rinpoche: “In the past, there was one man who had nothing, but he offered medicinal food just one time to four fully ordained monks. (These were not monks who were aryas and had wisdom directly perceiving emptiness; these were just ordinary Sangha.) Due to the karma of that offering, after he died, he was born as a most powerful wealthy king in India called King Ashoka. That was the result from offering just one time.”

Hence, inviting the sanghas to our house or office, making offerings to them, and getting their blessings is a way where we can receive unbelievable amount of merits!

As many slots are already reserved, this is limited to first come first serve basis only.

Call us at 64663720 to enquire and make your invitation!

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