Yogacarya Six-Session Guru Yoga

As the Mahavairocana Initiation procedure includes the taking of Tantric Vows, initiates are required to undertake the commitment of practising the Yogacarya Six-Session Guru Yoga daily.

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3. THE INTERMEDIATE YOGACARYA SIX - SESSION GURU YOGA 2 How to do the Six - Session Yoga: Namo Guru - Manjughosaya! Prostrating devotedly to the lotus of the feet of glorious Guru Vajradhara, I shall explain as taught in Tantras and by vener able Gurus, the marvello us means that makes one's tantric vows and pledges pure. Three times day and night Should one recite daily. When he fails, a yogis Is at serious fault.

1. Yogacarya Six - Session Guru Yoga

4. THE INTERMEDIATE YOGACARYA SIX - SESSION GURU YOGA 3 THE INTERMEDIA TE SlX - SESSION GURU - YOGA In my heart I turn to the three jewels of refuge, May I free suffering creatures and place them in bliss. May the compassionate spirit of love grew within me, That I might complete the enlightening path. In the sky on a lotus, su n and moon seat, I see my Lama as Vajradhara (Dorje Chang). Blue in colour holding Dorje and Bell, Experiencing great bl iss with his consort Vajradhatu Isvari (Jig chu ma). On his crown a white OM, at his throat a red AH, From the Blue HUNG in his heart many colo u rs shine out, Calling forth the awakened from all ten directions, Inviting them to melt into one. To your blu e lotus feet, I bow Dorje Chang, With oceans of clouds I make triple offerings. The land, jewelled vase, the sun and moon, And all preci ous offerings I make unto you. Powers supreme and powers mundane Follow upon pure devotion to you, my protector, Seeing this I forsake my body and even my life, Bless me to practice what will only please you.

5. THE INTERMEDIATE YOGACARYA SIX - SESSION GURU YOGA 4 Now my Lama requested comes to the crown of my head, And dissolves until we both are one, I become Vajrasattva , Holding a Dorje wit h my right hand at my h eart and holding a Bell with my left hand on my waist . Land, body and wealth and all virtues collected, For the sake of all mothers I gladly r elease, I vow to protect all the vows I have taken, Nor to transgress even one for the sake of my life. By means of holding both Sutra and Tantra, May I libera te all living creatures completely. May the virtues collected flow on towards the Dharma, Preser ve it and nourish the prayers of the masters. I request that the grace of the three jewels of refuge, Following on by cause and effect, Shall fulfill all the p rayers that I now send forth, And lead me across to Enlightenment's shore.


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