Daily Lama Chopa (Eng & Chi)

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3. Lama Chopa 3

2. Lama Chopa 2

1. Daily Lama Chopa 上师荟供 日 修 法本

39. Lama Chopa 39 Sarwa Mangalam! May All Be Auspicious! 愿一切吉祥如意!

6. Lama Chopa 6 相为内供各供品 In function, to generate as objects enjoyed by the six senses 能于六根之对境 the special Wisdom of Voidness and Bliss. 生起殊胜空乐智 Filling the earth, the sky and all the space in betwee n, 布满天地与虚空 clouds of outer, inner and secret offerings and splendid sacred offering - objects 内外秘密供养云 spread out beyond the range of thought. 遍布不可思议境 B. THE ACTUAL PRACTICE 实习 Visualisation Of The Field Of Merit . 观想资粮田 In the vast heavens of indivisible V oidness and Bliss, 空乐无别虚空中 amidst billowing clouds of Samantabhadra offerings, 普贤供云遍布中 Embellished with leaves, flowers and fruit 萃叶繁华盛果饰 is a wish - granting tree; at its crest, 众愿如意树梢头 On a lion throne ablaze with precious gems, 闪耀珍宝狮宝座 on a lotus, a sun a nd a full moon disk, 莲花圆日满月上 Sits my Root Guru, kind in three ways, 具三恩惠根本师

36. Lama Chopa 36 THE CONCLUSION 总 回 向 Dedication of Merits 功德回向文 Any white virtues I have created like this, 如 是所修 白净善 Of all the Sugatas of the three times and their Sons 回向 三世 佛 菩萨 To accomplish every deed and prayer, 事业正愿皆 成 就 And to hold the scriptural and insight Teachings, I dedicate as causes. 住持教证二法幢 By the power of this, may I in all my lives 生生世世以此力 Not separate from the Four Wheels of the Mahayana, 妙乘四轮不分离 And the Paths of Renunciation, Bodhicitta, Right View. 出离菩提与正见 And the Two Stages, may I travel to the End! 二次第道愿究竟 !

8. Lama Chopa 8 as, enhaloed by a five - coloured rainbow, 五色彩虹围绕中 You sit in the vajra position. 正结金刚 跏趺坐 Your purified skandhas are the five Meditational Buddhas, 体是五佛清净 蕴 Your four elements are the four Consorts, your sense spheres, veins, sinews 四界四母处 脉 络 and members are all in reality Bodhisattvas. 诸节实即众菩萨 The hairs of your pores are the twenty - one thousand A rhats, 身毛两万一罗汉 limbs are wrathful deities. 四肢本即 忿怒尊 light - rays hide directional guardians and yakshas, 光明覆盖诸护法 while all worldly deities are cushions for your feet. 世间诸神足下垫 Surrounding you in their proper order, actual and lineage Gurus, 环绕 传承上师尊 Yidams, ho sts of mandala deities, 上师本尊坛城众 Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Dakas, Dakinis 诸佛菩萨 众护法 and Dharmapalas form an encircling sea. 护法海会围绕中

7. Lama Chopa 7 You are the essence of all the Buddhas. 一切诸佛之自性 You have the aspect of a saffron - robed monk, 比丘形服清净相 with one face, two arms and a radiant white smile. 一面二臂含笑颜 Your right hand exp resses teaching, your left in meditative pose 右结说法左结定 holds a begging bowl filled wi th nectar. 托承盛满甘露钵 are draped in three robes of lustrous saffron, 身披红花三法衣 and your head is graced by a pandit's gold - coloured hat. 顶戴金色僧人冠 In your heart is the all - pervad ing Lord Vajradhara, 金刚总持在心中 with one face, two arms and a blue - coloured body. 一面二臂身蓝色 He holds a vajra and bell and embraces Vajradhatu Isvari. 拥抱佛母持铃杵 They delight i n the play of simultaneous Voidness and Bliss. 游戏俱生空乐喜 Both are adorned with jewel orname nts of many designs 重宝奇珍妙严饰 and are arrayed with garments of heavenly silk. 穿戴天宝绫罗衣 Adorned with the major and minor marks, you radiate a thousand light - rays 具足相好千道光

18. Lama Chopa 18 Requesting The Guru To S tay 祈 请 住世 Although your Vajra Body has no birth nor death, 远离 生死 金刚 身 But is the v essel of the mighty monarch, Unification, 双运 自在 宝箧体 In keeping with our wishes, until the end of existence 我 以胜 解 诚 启请 Please abide for ever, not passing beyond sorrow! 恒 长住世 不涅槃 Dedication O f Merits 回向 功德 We dedicate the collection of white virtues thus created 如是所 修 白 净善 So that venerable Gurus endowed with the three kindnesses 回向 三恩 根本 师 May inseparably protect us throughout all our lives 生生 摄受 不 舍 离 And we may attain the Unification of Vajradhara. 速 证 双运金刚 持

38. Lama Chopa 38 Walk in your blessing and spontaneously benefit others 任运能修 利他 行 In Losang Dorje Chang, may all be auspicious! 善 慧金刚 愿 吉祥 ! As all wished - for end owments increase like a lake in summer, 财 位 增盛如夏湖 May we find witho ut break the freedom of faultless birth, 无过 种姓若河 流 And spend day and night with Tsongkhapa's holy Dharma, 昼夜 研习善慧 法 Enjoying its glorious perfection - may all be auspicious! 受用圆 满 愿 吉祥 ! From now until I and others are Enlightened, 我等 从 今 至 菩提 (By) whatever merits we have done and will heap up, 己 修 当 修诸善根 In this lan d may the Holy Venerable One's Form - Body 善士色身住此土 Endure like immutable vajra - may all be auspicious! 金刚不 变愿 吉祥 !

9. Lama Chopa 9 The three doors of each are marked with the three vajra syllables. 彼等三门三金刚 From the HU NG syllables, hook - like light - rays 并以 吽 字光明钩 Draw forth from their actual abodes the Wisdom Beings 迎请自性之智尊 to become inseparably fixed. 融入无别恒坚固 INVOCATION 迎请 圣众 Although all dharmas totally lack inherent going and coming, 诸法自 性无来 去 Appearing as whatever suits the various sentient beings dispositions, 应 所 化机意乐 故 W ith your activity of Wisdom and Loving Compassion, 随愿显现 悲智 业 O holy Refuge Protectors, please come with your entourage! 怙主 圣众 祈 降 临 O Sources of goodness, bliss and perfection, from all three times 三世 乐善 生 源 处 You Root and Lineage Gurus, Yidams, Thre e Precious Gems, 根本上师 三宝 尊 Dakas, Dakinis, Dharmapalas and Protectors, with your entourage 勇士空行护法 众

29. Lama Chopa 29 Let me change it to a Path to develop the two Bodhicittas, 增长 二 种 菩提心 And entertain only happiness of mind - bless me thus! 悦 意 修行求加特! With the Skilful Means of having the Four Activities, 善巧 方便 四加行 Let me join wh at I meet straightaway to meditation; 相应所缘结合修 and by practising the commitments and advices of the Mind - Training, 誓 言 学处善止作 Make these freedoms and endowments very meaningful - bless me thus! 暇 满不虚 求加持! M editation On The Special Universal Intention And Gener ating Bodhicitta 思增上意乐之心及发菩提心 With Taking and Giving, the magical practice of mounting the Breath, 伴随 风 息作取舍 By friendliness, compassion, and the Supreme Wish, 修 持 慈悲 双运心 To free beings from the great ocean of Becoming 为度 有情生死海 Let me perfect actual Bodhicitta - bless me thus! 菩提心生求加持! Taking The Wishing And Engaging Vows Of A Bodhisattva 奉持愿心和行心菩萨戒 With the one Path all Buddhas of the three times tread, 三世诸佛 共行 道

37. Lama Chopa 37 Verses of Auspiciousness 吉祥诵 By the exc ellence of all the white Virtue in Samsara and Nirvana, 乘世出世诸善法 Henceforth may all be free of ill - omen and decline, 令此永离不吉祥 And enjoying the celestial treasure of temporal and ultimate 现后善乐虚空藏 Good fortune, perfect and glorious, may all be auspicious! 受用圆满愿吉祥 ! In the monasteries of omniscient Tsongkhapa, 善 慧 名称胜道场 Striving one - pointedly to accomplish the Three pure Trainings, 三学清净勤修 行 May hosts of yogins and clergy throng, so that 出家僧伽恒充满 The Sage's Teachings stay long - may all be auspicious! 圣教久住 愿 吉祥 ! Since , from your youth, to the supreme Guru - Yidam 自幼祈祷师本尊 You made requests, Je Tsongkhapa, may we 得善慧称妙加持

35. Lama Chopa 35 PRAYING TO BE CARED FOR BY THE GURU AND DISSOLVING THE FIELD OF MERITS 祈愿获上师护持,及融化功德田 Praying To Be C are d For By The Guru During All Future L ives 祈愿未来生生 世 世均获上师 护 持 In short, Protector, in all my future rebirths, 总 愿 生生 世世中 Let m e not part from but be cared for by you, 不离 怙 主之摄受 Keep all the secrets of your body, speech and mind, 受持三 密 身语意 And become your chief disciple - bless me thus! 成汝长子 求加持! Protector, wherever you manifest as Buddha, 怙 主示现成佛处 May I become the very first of your as sembly; 我 即成为眷属首 To achieve all my wants and wishes, temporal and ultimate, 现时最后所需求 Spontaneously and without effort, please grant auspiciousness! 任运成就 求 吉祥! The way to dissolve the Field of Merit in order to receive blessings 融化功德 田以接 受加持 Being thus request ed, supreme Guru, 如是启请最胜 师 Please c ome happily to the crown of my head to bless me, 欢喜 降顶作加持 And again, on the anthers of the lotus of my heart 复入心间莲华中 Plant firmly your radiant feet! 光明足趾祈安住 !

4. Lama Chopa 4 SELF - GENERATION 自生起本尊 From a state of Great Bliss I manifest as a Guru - Yidam. 由大乐中自 显现 From my transparent body, a profusion of light - rays 上师本尊功德身 Radiates to the ten directions, blessing the beings and their environment, 遍照 情器尽加持 With only excellent qualities, infinitely pure, 化 为广大 殊胜境 All become most perfectly arrayed. 清净 圆满 庄严刹 TAKING REFUGE 皈依 With a very exalted, white, virtuous state of mind, 即由 广大白善心 I and my old mothers, the infinite sentient beings, 我 与等 空 如 母众 From now until our Enlightenment 从 今 直 至 证 菩提 Go for Refuge to the Gurus and the Three Precious Gems. 上师三宝 永 皈依 REFUGE PRAYER 皈依 文 (x 3) Namo Gurubhyah 南无 上师 Namo Buddhaya 南无佛 Namo Dharmaya 南无法 Namo Sanghaya 南无僧

10. Lama Chopa 10 By the forces of your Compassion, come here and remain fixed! 悲 愿摄引祈降临 ! Om Guru Buddha Bodhisattva Dharmapala Saparivara E h H y a H i; 嗡 沽 噜 布达 菩 提萨 哆 达嘛巴拉 萨巴利哇啦 耶 喜 Dza Hu ng Bam Ho ! 渣 吽 邦 货 The Wisdom and Commitment beings unite to become one 智尊 融入 三昧耶 , 和合无二为一体。

23. Lama Chopa 23 祈以悲钩善持我 Si - Zh i Ji g - Drol! Ngoe - Drub Kun - Tso l! Save me from the fears of s amsara and Nirvana! Grant all the powerful attainments! 渡轮涅怖赐 成就 T en - Gyi Dro g - Dzoe Bar - Choe S ung! Be my constant companion, and shield me from hindrances! 永为益友护无障 Receiving The Blessing Of T he Four Initiation 受持四 灌顶 By virtue of having thus requested thre e times, 如是三遍祈请力 From the seats of my Guru's body, speech and mind 从 师三处 身语意 Nectar rays of three colours - white, red and dark blue 白红蓝 色甘露光 Stream forth one by one and then together. Into my own 依次同时 入我 身 Three seats, one by one and then together, they disso lve, 我身 三处 作收融 Cleansing the four obscurations, and implanting the four empowerments. 净除四障得四灌 I receive the four Kayas. A replica of my Guru 成就 四身 师 心悦 Happily dissolves into me, and I am blessed with inspiration. 分身融入垂 加持

27. Lama Chopa 27 愤然呵斥我爱执 Destroy the great de mon of self - grasping - bless me thus! 降 服此 魔求加持 ! Contemplating The A dvanta ges Of Cherishing O thers 思他爱执利益 The attitude cherishing one's mothers and placing them in bliss 爱 护 众 母予 安乐 Is the gateway to endless virtues. Let me see this, 视为 无边功德门 And even sh ould these beings rise up as my foes, 纵使 有情 敌视我 Hold them dearer than my life - O, bless me thus! 爱彼如命 求加持! Exchanging Self - cherishing For Cherishing O thers 正修自他相换 In short, the child ish work only for their own gain, 愚夫唯求能自利 The Buddha only for others' gain. With the wisdom 能仁 恒思利他行 Understanding the differences in the faults and virtues of these, 了知功过之差别 May I be able to exchange self and others - bless me thus! 自他 相 换求加持 ! Cherishing on eself is the door to every downfall; 爱执己利众苦门 Cherishing one's mothers, the basis of everything good. 爱护有情 功德 本 Therefore, in the yoga of exchanging self and others,

13. Lama Chopa 13 From expansive, well - fashioned vessels, radiant and precious, 璀璨 宝 器 光映中 Flow gently forth four streams of purifying nectars. 四 净 甘露 徐徐 降 Trees and beautiful flowers, singly and in well - arranged 妙花宝树及 花 蔓 Garlands, fill the earth and sky. 充满 大地 及 虚空 The azure smoke of sweet fragrant incense 芳 香 烟 如 毗 琉璃 Billows in the heavens as blue summer clouds. 夏 日晴 空 布碧云 From suns, moons, glittering jewels and a host of flaming lamps, 日月宝 灯 聚 火 焰 Light frolics joyfully, disp elling the darkness of a milliard worlds. 朗 照三千 除 暗 钝 Scented with camphor, sandalwood and saffron, 旃檀 龙脑 郁金水 Great seas of perfumes swirl out to the horizon. 香 液 大海 环金城 Nourishing food and drink of a hundred flavours 美食佳肴 具 百味 And victuals of gods and men are heape d up in a Mount Meru. 天人珍馐 如须弥 From an endless diversity of varied instruments 无边 乐 器奏妙音

31. Lama Chopa 31 3 The Perfection O f Patience 安忍 波罗蜜 Though all beings of the Three Realms, of nine types, get angry, 三界众生 现忿 怒 Abuse, upbraid, and threaten, or even kill me, 毁 诤迫杀俱不动 Let me, undisturbed, in return for their harm try to help them, 以德报怨行饶益 And accomplish the Perfection of Patience - bless me thus! 忍度 圆满 求加持! 4 The Perfection O f Enthusiastic Perseverance 精进波罗蜜 Even if, for every sentient being, in Avici's Fire , 悲悯有情施 救护 I must remain for an ocean of aeons, 纵经劫海 住狱火 Never tired of Compassion, let me strive for Sup reme Awakening, 勤求 菩提 无厌悔 And accomplish the Perfection of Energy - bless me thus! 勤度圆满 求加持! 5 The Perfection O f Meditative Concentration 禅定波罗蜜 Avoiding the faults of dullness, agitation and wandering, 远离 沈掉 及散乱 On all dharmas' mode of being, Void of true exis tence, 恒于 诸法性空理 One - pointedly collected, let me by this Samadhi 专注所缘三摩地 Accomplish the Perfection of Concentration - bless me thus! 定度 圆满 求加持!

15. Lama Chopa 15 OFFERING OF P RACTICE 修 持供 Both actual and mentally created, it is on the shore of a wish - granting sea. 实陈意现如意海 From the white virtues of Samsara and Nirvana come its offering - objects, 轮涅净业供养物 Abundant thousand - petalled lotuses, which captivate all. 绽放 千 叶妙 莲 华 The worldly and supermundane virtues of myself and others. 融摄 世 间 出世 道 From all three doors, are flowers brightening every part . 自他 三门善妙花 A hundred th ousand fragrances disperse like Samantabhadra's offerings. 普贤供 香 熏馥涌 It has as fruit the three Trainings, two Stages and five Paths. 三学二次 五道果 This pleasure garden, venerable Gurus, I offer for your delight. 喜圆为供 师 心悦 Inner Offering 内供 I o ffer, bright as saffron and with a delicate scent, 芳 香 远 逸郁金色 Steeped in a hundred flavours, a brew of China tea; 百味 具足浓郁茗 This, with the five hooks, five lamps and so forth, 五 股刚 钩 五明 灯 Is purified, transformed and increased into a sea of nectar. 净 证 增 为 甘露 供

16. Lama Chopa 16 Secret O ffering 密供 Even consorts, aglow with vibrant youth, skilled 悦意妙龄 善解意 In the sixty - four arts of love, slender in body, 善 通 六十四 技艺 A host of Field - born, Mantra - born and Innate Dakinis, 田 生 咒 生 俱生母 Fair and beautiful in appearance, I offer to you. 姝丽 幻化手印献 Suchness O ffering 真如供 The Great Wisdom simultaneous with Bliss, unobstructed, 无 障俱生大乐智 The Void Sphere of all things, free of fabrications of inherent existence, 诸法自性离戏论 Indivisible and spontaneous, beyond words, thoughts and expressions, 无 二 任运超言 思 Supreme Ultimate Bod hicitta, I offer to you. 胜义 菩提心 为 献 Offering Of Medicines A nd Service 供药 和供自身为 仆役 To destroy the four hundred and twenty four ills of delusions, 灭 除 四百零四 病 I offer various and sundry potent medicines, 种种 妙 善 药 物供 And myself as a servant to please you. 献身承事令师 悦 Pray ke ep me in your service as long as the heavens endure! 愿 作 仆使祈摄受

17. Lama Chopa 17 Seven - Limb Practice: Confession O f Non - Virtue 七支供养: 忏悔 罪障 Whatever non - virtues and evil actions, from beginningless time, 无始 所作诸 恶业 I have done, caused others to do, or have rejoiced in, 自 作教 他及 随喜 B efore the eyes of the Greatly Compassionate Ones I confess 大悲尊前 悉忏 悔 With regretful mind, and vow never to do again. 防护不犯严律仪 Rejoicing I n Virtue 随喜 善法 Although all dharmas lack inherent existence, 诸法自性 本清净 Like a dream, in all ordinary and Arya beings' 亦 如梦幻 而 显 现 Happiness and joy, and in every white virtue whatever, 圣凡 乐 源净 白 法 We rejoice with all our heart. 我心 恒常作 随喜 Requesting Teachings 请转法轮 From a hundred thousand clouds billowing with sublime Wisdom and Compassion 蕴育 万千悲智云 That the jasmine garden of the Benefit and bliss of these limitless beings 荫 泽 无边 苦恼 众 May be nurtured, sustained and increased, 功德生住令增长 May the rain of the Vast and Profound Dharma fall! 祈降 深广 妙 法雨

34. Lama Chopa 34 Practising T he Completion Stage Of Highest Yoga Tantra 修 无上 瑜伽部 圆满 次第 In my heart's eight peta ls, right in the midd le of the C entral C hannel, 心间八 瓣 中 脉内 P lace your feet, O Protector! 怙 主 身显 并安住 From which The Path Uniting the Clear Light and the Illusory Body 光明幻 身 双运 道 I may actualise in this lifetime - bless me thus! 即 生 现证 求加持 ! Practicing Transference Of Consciousness At The Time Of D eath 死前修 迁识法 Should the Paths not be completed at the time of my death, 道未 究 竟 命 终时 By the Guru's potent means to Buddhahood, Tran sf erence of Consciousness, 修持师佛往生法 Or the oral precept of applying the Five Forces, 配合 五力胜 教授 Let me get to a Pure Land - bless me thus! 往生净 土求加持!

21. Lama Chopa 21 R E QUESTING BY EXPRESSING THE GURU'S OUTER, INNER, SECRET AND SUCHNESS Q UALITIES 祈请 化显 上师外 , 内 , 密 与大自在 His Outer Q ualities 外在 Your chakras adorned with the Sugata's Three Bodies, 如来三身庄严 轮 By Skilful Means, from a magical net's allure 善巧 方便幻网中 You appear in a n ordinary form, guiding beings 现凡夫相度众生 O Compassionate Refuge Protector - to you I request! 祈请怙主 大悲尊 His Inner Q ualities 内在 Your aggregates, elements, sensory spheres and limbs 师身各处及支分 Are really the five Buddha Families, deities and consorts, 五佛 明妃 菩萨众 Bodhisattvas, and wrathful protectors. O Essence 明王自性三宝尊 Of the Triple Gem, supreme Guru - to you I request! 祈请 无 上 根本 师 His secret qualities 密在 From the play of Omniscient Wisdom arise 一切种 智游戏中 Ten million mandala circles: you are their essence. 出生俱胝 曼陀罗 O all - pervading Lord of a hundred (Buddha) tribes, chief Vajra - holder, 百部 共 主金刚 持

5. Lama Chopa 5 GENERATING BODHICITTA 发菩提心 ( x 3) For the benefit of all mother sentient beings, 诸母有情义利故 I transform myself into a Guru - Yidam, 自成上师本尊后 And thus I shall lead all beings 一切有情悉安置 To the supreme Enlightenment of a Guru - Yidam. 上师本尊胜果位 For the sake of all mother sentient beings, 我为利益 诸有情 In this very lifetime I shall quickly, quickly 今 生 此世迅速成 attain the state of a primordial Guru - Yidam Buddha. 证 得 圆满佛果位 I shall liberate all mother sentient beings from suffering 欲 度 诸母得离苦 And lead them to the Great Bliss o f Buddhahood. 将之安顿佛果地 For this purpose, I shall now practise 因此修习甚深道 The profound path of Guru - Yidam yoga. 上师本尊相应法 BLESSING THE INNER OFFERINGS 加持 内供 Om Ah Hu ng 嗡 啊 吽 ( x 3 ) In essence, Wisdom. 智慧体性中清净 In asp ect, the aspects of the inner offerings and the various offering - objects.

25. Lama Chopa 25 And fervently strive to avoid non - virtue and practise 断 恶 修 善 积 资粮 Amassing the various virtues - bless me thus! 虔诚精进 求加持 ! 2 T RAINING THE MIND IN TH E COMMON PATH OF THE PRACTITIONER OF MIDDLING CAPABILITY 以共中士道次第修心 Developing The Wish For Liberation 发 起 求解脱之心 Frantically tossed by waves of delusion and karma, 业及烦恼 极 汹涌 Tormented by many sea - monsters of the three sufferings, 三苦众 鲸恒相侵 From this fearful, boun dless great ocean of Becoming 怖畏 无边生 死海 Let a strong wish for Liberation grow in me - bless me thus! 解脱心生求加持 ! This Cyclic Existence, like an unbearable prison, 轮迴 系缚如 牢 狱 I see as a charming garden. Rejecting this view, 断 除视为乐园心 Let me hold the Three Trainings, the store of the Aryas' Jewels, 受持 三学 圣 宝藏 And grasp the banner of Liberation - bless me thus! 掌 解脱 幢求加持 !

33. Lama Chopa 33 Between these two, there' s no contradiction, but harmony - 二 不 相 违相 承许 Let me realise the point of Nagarjuna's thought - bless me thus! 解龙树 意 求加持! TRAINING THE MIND IN THE UNCOMMON PATH OF THE VAJRAYANA 以不共金刚乘道修心 Preparing Oneself For The Tant ric Path, And Keeping Tantric Vows And Pledges Purely 预备 自身修密乘道, 清净奉持 密乘戒与誓句 Then, out of my Vajra - wielding sea - captain's 次由 导师金刚 持 Kindness, let me cross the eddies of the ocean of Tantra; 教示 续部广 大海 The root of powerful attainments, my Vows and Words of Honour, 悉地根本 誓言戒 Let me cherish more than my life - O, bless me thus! 爱护如命 求加持 ! P ractis ingThe Two Stages O f Highest Yoga Tantra. 修 无上 瑜伽 部二 次第 Let me transform birth, death and bardo into the Three Bodies 净化三有转 三身 Of the Conqueror, an d by this practice of the First St age 生起 次第瑜伽 行 Cleanse all the sta ins of ordinary appearances and attachments 消除世俗诸 垢染 And see whatever appears as deities - bless me thus! 显现 佛身 求加持 !

11. Lama Chopa 11 THE SEVEN LIMBS 七支供养 Prostration To The Guru A s Sambhogakaya 顶礼 上 师 报身 You whose Compassio n bestows even the sphere of Great Bliss, 能 以悲心刹那赐 The supreme attainment of the Three Bodies, in an instant, 殊 胜 大乐 三身 位 O Guru with jewel - like body, 上师 如宝 金刚持 Vajradhara, I prostrate at your lotus feet. 金 刚恩师 足 前 礼 Prostration To The Guru A s Nirmanakaya 顶礼 上 师 化身 O W isdom of all the infinite Buddhas, 遍量所知 一切智 Appearing with supreme Skilful Means in whatever form suits disciples, 随 所化机 善 调伏 And manifesting in the guise of a saffron - robed monk, 游戏示现比丘 相 Holy Refuge Protector, I prostrate at your feet. 归救怙主 足 前 礼 Prostration To The Guru A s Dharmakaya 顶礼 上 师 法身 Purifier of all delusions together with their instincts, 众恶习气皆断 除 Treasury of measureless jewel - like qualities, 无 量功德 如 宝藏 Sole source of benefit and bliss without exception, 利乐 唯一生 源 处

12. Lama Chopa 12 Venerable Guru, I prostrate at your feet. 至尊 恩 师 足 前 礼 Prostration To The Guru As The Manifestation Of T he Triple Gem 顶礼尊师 为 三宝 化 身 Teachers of the gods and others, essence of all the Buddhas, 人 天导师 如来体 Source of the eighty - four thousand holy Teachings, 八万四千正法 源 Standing out among the whole host of Aryas, 无边 圣众 之 显 现 Benevolent Gurus, I prostrate to you. 承 恩上师 足前 礼 Prostration To The Guru As The Manifestation Of All The Buddhas Of T he Ten Directions 顶礼尊师 为 十方诸佛 化 身 To the G urus of the three times and ten directions, 十方三世诸上师 And to the Three Precious Gems and all worthy o f homage, 最胜 三宝 皈敬处 With faith, esteem, and seas of lyric praise, 我以 信解赞 韵 海 I prostrate, manifested in bodies as many as the atoms of the world. 化 身 尘刹 皈命 礼 Outer Offering Of The Four W aters 外供之四 种净 水 O Refuge Protectors, venerable Gurus, with your entourage, 至尊 怙主 众 师 长 I present yo u an ocean of clouds of various offerings. 敬 献种种供云 海

24. Lama Chopa 24 TRAINING THE MIND THROUGH MEDITA TION ON THE ENTIRE MAHAYANA PATH 道次地祈愿文 : 籍禅修圆满大乘道修心 Guru Devotion As The Root Of The Path 依止 上师 为 道 之根本 O holy and venerable Gurus, supreme fields of merit, 最 胜 福 田 上师前 By the power of my offering and respectfully requesting to you, 恭敬供养作启请 May you protector, root of (all) well - being, 福乐根源依怙尊 Be pleased to care for me - bless me thus! 欢喜摄受 求加持 ! 1 T RAINING THE MIND IN THE COMMON PATH OF THE PRACTITIONER OF LOWER CAPABILITY 以共下士道次第修心 The Precious Human Rebirth 暇满 人身 Let me realise how these freedoms and endowments, 偶一获此 暇满 身 Found but once, and hard to attain, are quickly lost, 若知难得 速 灭理 Then, undistract ed by meaningless works of this life, 无义 所作能止息 Seize their meaningful essence - bless me thus! 取坚实义 求加持 ! Generating Interest Of Future L ives 发 起 希求来世安乐之心 Afraid of the blaz ing fire of lower realms' suffering, 佈畏恶趣 炽 烈 苦 Let me take heartfelt Refuge in the Three Precious Jewels, 皈依三宝救护尊

32. Lama Chopa 32 The Perfection O f Wisdom - The Space - l ike Concentration On Voidness During The Meditation Session 般若 波罗蜜 - 座中修如虚空 Wit h the Distinguishing Wisdom of (Absolute) Reality 愿以妙观真实慧 And the suppleness it causes, combined with Great Bliss, 引生轻安及大乐 By the practice of Space - like Concentration on the Ultimate 胜义 等 空 之 瑜伽 Let me accomplish the Perfection of Wisdom – bless me thus! 慧度 圆 满 求 加持 ! T he Illusion - like Concentration O nVoidness DuringPost - Meditation 座间修如幻化 All dharmas, outer or inner, are like illusions, 内外诸法 如 梦 幻 Dreams, or the moon's reflection in a clear lake. 亦如池中 现 月 影 Let me realise how, though they appear, they don't truly exist, 通达显现不实理 And accomplish the Illusion - like Concentration - bless me thus! 幻 定 圆满 求加持! T train ingThe Mind In Particular In The Profound Middle View 特修甚深中观见 In Samsara and Nirvana is not an atom of inherent existence; 轮 涅 自性无 尘许 Infallibly, cause and effect dependent ly arise. 因果缘 起 不虚 妄

14. Lama Chopa 14 Comes music which fills the three realms. 悦音周遍于三 界 The Five Sense O bjects 五 欲供 Holding an abundance of forms, sounds, smells, tastes and tangibles, 悦意 色声香味触 Goddesses of ou ter and inner pleasures fill all the directions. 内 外天女遍 十 方 The Mandala Of The Twenty - Three Heaps 供养 23 堆曼达拉 R efuge Protectors, treasures o f c ompassion, 百亿四洲须弥山 , Eminent, supre me merit field, with pure faith 轮王七宝并随宝 I present to you a billion times over, 出生偏 喜情器 间 , Mt.Meru and the four continents, the seven precious royal emblems, the precious minor symbols, and more 天人受 用如意藏 , Perfectly delightful environments and their beings, 信心奉献至福田 , And a great treasure of all that gods and humans use or desire 最胜怙主大 悲 藏 Om I dam Guru Ratna Mandalakam Nirya Tayami Om I send forth this jewelled mandala to you, O h precious Gurus. 嗡 伊当 沽 鲁 拉那 曼答拉甘 尼雅答雅蜜

30. Lama Chopa 30 The pure vows of Buddha - sons, let me bind my mindstream, 菩萨律仪善护持 And strive in the practise of the th ree Moralities 受持 大乘三聚 戒 Of the Great Vehicle with a will - bless me thus! 精进 修习 求加持! PRACTICING THE PERFECTIONS AFTER GENERATING BODHICITTA – THE GENERAL PRACTICES OF THE BODHISATTVA 发菩提心后修六波罗蜜 -总 佛 弟子行学习之理 1 The Perfection O f Generosity 布施波罗 蜜 My body and poss essions, and my virtues of the three times, 身 财 受用三 世 善 Let me change into things each being desires, 化为 有情 欢喜物 And by the oral teaching of cultivating Unattached generousness 增长 舍心 离贪著 Accomplish the Perfection of Giving - bless me thus! 施度 圆满 求加持! 2 The Perfecti on O f Morality 持戒波罗 蜜 Of the Pratimoksa, Bodhicitta and Tantric Vows 别解 菩 薩 密 乘 戒 Not leaving the bounds even for my life; 遭遇 命 难 不舍 离 Collecting virtues; and benefiting sentient beings, 攝持善法 益 有情 Let me accomplish the Perfection of Morality - bless me thus! 戒 度 圆满求加持 !

28. Lama Chopa 28 是故自他相换 行 Let me take to heart the main point - bless me thus! 作修心要 求加特! Meditation On T aking A nd Giving 修 取舍法 (x 3) Therefore, Venerable and Compassionate Gurus, 无上恩 师 大悲尊 By my letting all the black karmic obscurations and suffering 慈 母 有情 罪障苦 Of mother sentient beings ripen on me now, 悉皆由 我 今 代受 And giving to others my happiness and good deeds, 尽 我 乐 善 施与彼 M ay all sentient beings have happiness - bless me thus! 众生获 乐求加持 ! The Third to Seventh Points of the Seven - Point Mind - Training 思惟(修心七义)第三至第七 义 Though the whole world and its beings are full of the fruits of non - virtue, 世间充满 罪 恶 果 And undesired suffering s pour down (on me) like rain, 如雨降下 不 欲 苦 By seeing they've a chance to use up the fruits of bad karma, 观此苦因净恶业 Let me use bad conditions in the Path - O, bless me thus! 恶 缘 道用 求加持! In short, whatever appearance, good or bad, comes up, 随所 显 现善或恶 By practising the Five Forces, the essence of all Dharma, 修持 五力 胜教授

19. Lama Chopa 19 MAKING REQUESTS TO THE GURU 祈请 加持 His Good Qualities A ccording To T he Vinaya 祈请戒经师 Source of great knowledge, great ocean of moral discipline, 功德 生 源律 仪海 Brimming with heaps of jewels of vast learning, 遍满多 闻宝 藏所 Master, second Buddha clad in saffron, 第二 佛陀著袈裟 Elder, holder of the Vinaya - to you I request! 祈请持律上座 师 His Good Qualities A c cording To The Common Mahayana T eachings 祈请大乘师 You who to show the Path of the Sugatas 善 能宣说如来教 Have the ten qualities rendering you suitable, 具足 十 种胜 功德 O Lord of the Dharma, representing all Conquerors, 绍隆一切 诸佛 种 Guru of the Great Vehic le - to you I request! 祈请 大乘 善知识 His Qualities According To The Vajrayana T eachings 祈请金刚乘师 Your three doors well - subdued; intelligent, patient, honourable, 善 护 三门 具 慧 忍 Without pretence or guile; knowing tantra and rituals; 正直 无 谄 真 密 续 Having those ten, and skilled in writing and explaining, 双 十真性善 绘言 O foremost Vajra - holder - to you I request! 祈请 至尊 金刚 持

20. Lama Chopa 20 R EQUESTING BY REMEMBERING THE GURU’S KINDNESS 祈请 意念 上师恩 . The Guru Is Kinder Than All T he Buddhas 比于 诸佛 恩 To those unfit to be tame d by the countless past Buddhas 过去 诸佛未 渡化 The hard - to - tame beings of this degenerate age, 刚强 难调浊世众 You correctly impart the good way of the Sugatas, 应机演说如来教 O Compassionate Refuge Protector - to you I request! 祈请 怙 主 大悲尊 He Is Even Kinder T han Shakyamuni Buddha 比于如来 恩 Now, when the sun of the Sage's T eachings is setting, 世尊圣教渐 隐没 For the many beings who lack a Refuge Protector, 无 量 有情 失救护 You do the same deeds as the Victorious Ones, 如来事业师承担 O Compassionate Refuge Protector - to you I request! 祈请怙主 大 悲 尊 Even His Relatives, Animals, etc. Are A Higher Object Of Offering Than All T he Buddhas 家属 等物 比于 诸佛 供养 Higher than all Buddhas of the three times and ten directions, 胜过 十方三世佛 Just one single hair from a pore of yours 供养师身一毛孔 Is praised as a field of merit for us – 最胜福田我赞叹 O Compassionate Refuge Protector - to you I request! 祈请 怙主 大悲尊

26. Lama Chopa 26 3 T RAINING THE MIND IN THE COMMON PATH OF THE PRACTITIONER OF HIGHEST CAPABILITY 以共上士道次第修心 D evelo ping Bodhicitta - Generating Compassion, The Found ation Of The Mahayana Path 发起为大乘道基础之悲心 All these tormented beings are my mothers, 苦 难 有情 皆 我母 Repeatedly cari ng for me kindly. Reflecting on this, 数数念恩 应 救济 Like a loving mother for her darling child, 犹如慈 母 怜爱子 Let me develop unfeigned Compassion - bless me thus! 生起 悲心求加持 ! GeneratingConventional Bodhicitta – D eveloping Equanimity B etween Self And O thers 发起世俗菩提心-启发自他平等之心 As no - one desires the slightest suffering 仅 受微 苦亦难忍 Nor ever has enough of happiness, 享 乐 虽多无厌 足 There is no diffe rence between myself and others 自他等同无 差别 So let me make o thers joyfully happy - bless me thus! 他 乐生 喜 求加持 ! Exchanging Self And O thers - 自他 相换修心法 Contemplating The F aults Of The Self - Cherishing Mind 思我爱执过患 This chronic disease of cherishing oneself 偏 执 自 利之顽痼 Is the cause of unwanted suffering. Seeing this, 知为 苦聚不乐 因 Let me lay blame on it and begrudge it and

22. Lama Chopa 22 Primordial Buddha of Unification, to you I request! 祈请 双运本初 佛 His Suchness Q ualities 大自在 Unobscured, Inseparable from the play of simultaneous joy, 无障俱生欢喜 性 Nature of everyth ing, pervading all moving or still, 周遍 动静 一切 体 Free of beginning or end, Always Good, you are really 离 始 边际 普贤王 Ultimate Bodhicitta! To you I request! 祈请 胜义 菩提心 Special One - Pointed Request 一 念 祈请文 (x 3) Kyoe - Ni La - Ma, Kyoe - Ni Yi - Dam , You are the Guru, you are th e Yidam, 汝为上师为本尊 Kyoe - Ni K h a - Dro Choe - Kyong Te, you are the Dakinis and Dharma - Protectors. 汝为空行护法尊 Deng - Ne Zung - Te, Jang - Chub Bar - Du, From now until Enlightenment 从今始至菩提尽 K hyoe - Min Kyab - Zhen Mi - Tso l Wae; I shall seek no other Refuge than you. 非汝不另 求皈 依 Di - Dang Bar - Do, Chi - Mae T h ar - Yang, In this life, the bardo, and even to the end of my lives, 此世中阴来生尽 T h u g - Je Chak - Kyue Zung - Dzoe La, with your hook - like compassion, hold me!


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