The Yoga of Offering Food

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11. 11 Ge Wa Di Yi Kye Wo Kun So Nam Ye She Tsog Zog Shing So Nam Ye She Le Jung Wai Dam Pa Ku Nyi Thob Par Shog Just as the brave Manjushri and Samantabhadra, too, Realized things as they are, I, too, dedicate all these merits in the best way, That I may follow their perfect example. Jam Pal Pa Woi Ji Tar Khen Pa Dang Kun Ti Sang Poi De Yang De Shin Te De Dag Ku n Gyi Je Su Dag Lob Ching Ge Wa De Dag Tham Che Rab Tu Ngo 2 BEATTY LANE SINGAP ORE 209945 TEL: +65 64663720

9. 9 Through the merit of offering medicine, May they achieved happiness without having sickness, May there is no rebirth, old age, sickness and death, And may they attain the state of sorrow less. Men Nam Phul Wai So Nam Kyi Ne Me Pa Dang De Wa Thob Kye Ga Na Chi Me Pa Yi Nye Ngen De Pa Thob Par Shog One who shows generosity, the recipient, and the ac ti on Of generosity a re not to be observed as existi ng inherently. Through thinking in this way, may the benefactors receive d All the merit equal t o such generosity combined with wisdom. Gang Gi Jin Pa Gan g La Jin Jin Pa Ji Tar Me Mig Pa Jin Pa Nyam Pa De Nyi Kyi Jin Dag La Ni Yong Zog Shog

10. 10 Dedication Prayers Through the power of having been extensively generous, May I become a Buddha for the sake of migrati ng beings And liberate through generosity the mass of beings , Who have not been liberated by previous conquerors. Jin Pa Gya Cher Gyur Pa De Yi Thu Dro Wai Don Du Rang Jung Sang Gye Ne Ngon Tse Gyal Wa Nam Kyi Ma Dral Wai Kye Wai Tsog Nam Jin Pei Drol Gyur Chig Through the power of these merits, Those who having faith toward to Dharma, Naga kings Nanda and Upananda, Gods with faith towards the Dharma, Kings, leaders, patrons and myself too, Further more city dweller and so forth May they have long life, good health, abundance, And fo rever gain eternal happiness. Jin Pa De Yi So Nam Kyi Sang Gye Ten La De Gyur Pai Ga Wo Nyer Ga La Sog Pai Nyug Mar Ne Pai Lha Nam Dang Gyal Po Jin Dag Nyi Dang Ni Shen Yang Drong Khyer Ne Pa Dang Tse Ring Ne Me Phun Sum Tsog Ten Du De Wa Thob Par Shog Due to this merit, may all beings complete The accumulati on of merit and wisdom Resulti ng from merit and wisdom May they att ain ed the two kayas

8. 8 May all those who scold m e, make me unhappy, hit me, attack me with weapons, and do things to me in every way up to the point of killing me attain the happiness of enlighten ment and may they manifestly completely awaken to peerless, perfectly complete Buddhahood. Gang Dag Dhag La She War Je Pa Dang, Mi De War Je Pa Dang, Deg Pa Dang, Tson Gyi Deb Pa Dang, Nam Pa Tham Che Du Srog Cho Pai Bar Du Je Pa De Dag Tham Che Jang Chub Kyi De Wa Thob Ching, La Na Med Pa Yang Dag Par Zog Pai Jang Chub Tu Ngon Par Zog Par Tsang Gya War Gyur Chig. Through the merit of off ering food, May they have good complexion, magnificence and strength, Fi nd food s of having hundreds of tastes And fur ther sustained by the food of Samadhi. Za Tung Phul Wai So Nam Kyi Kha Dhog Zi Ji Tob Dang Den Ro Gya Den Pai Ze Nye Ching Sam Ten Ze Kyi Tso War Shog Through the merit of off ering drink, M ay thei r hunger and thirst of delusion be pacifi ed. May they possess good qualities such like generosity A nd take rebirth without sickness or thirst. Tung Wa Phul Wai So Nam Kyi Nyon Mong Trekom Shi War Gyur Jig Sog Yon Ten De Pa Dang Kom Ne Me Par Kye War Shog

1. 1 The Yoga of Offering Food

4. 4 Sang Gye Yon Ten Sam Mi Khyab Cho Kyi Yon Ten Sam Mi Khyab Ge Dun Yon Ten Sam MI Khyab Sam Mi Khyab La De Je Pai Nam Pa r Min Pa Ang Sam Mi Khyab Nam Dag Shing Du Ke War Shog Compassionate Lord, All - knowing guide, Fiel d of merit and ocean of qualiti es , Tathagata, to you I pay homage. Gon Po Thug Je Che Dhen Pa Tham Che Khen Pai Ton P a Po So Nam Yon Ten Gya Tsoi Shing De Shin Sheg La Chag Tsasl Lo Through purity free of attachment; Through virtue free of the lower realms; Uniquely ultimate supreme, Peaceful Dharma, to you I pay homage. Dag Pei Do Chag Dral War Gyur Ge Wei Nge Song Le Drol Shing Chig Tu Don Dam Chog Gyu r Pa Shing Gyur Cho La Chag Tsal Lo Showing the path that frees those seeking freedom; Well - established in the trainings; Pure among fields possessing qualiti es; To the Sangha I also pay homage. Drol Ne Drol Wai Lam Yang Ton Lab Pa Dag La Rab Tu Ne

6. 6 Offering and Request to the Three Jewels May we and those around us, in all future lives, Never be separated from the Three Jewels, Conti nuously make off erings to the Three Jewels. And receive the inspirati on of the Three Jewels. Dag Sog Khor Che Tse Rab Tham Ched Du Kon Chog Sum Dang Nam Yang Mi Dral S hing Kon Chog Sum Po Gyun Du Cho Pa La Kon C hog Sum Gyi Jin Lab Jug Par Shog Seeing this food similar to as M edicine, We can eat it without desire att achment or aversion, Not to become fat, not out of pride, Not to look strong, but only to sustain the body. Kha Ze Men Dang Dra Wa Rig Pa Yi Do Chag Shea Dang Me Par Ten Gyi Te Gyag Chir Ma Lag Nyem Pi Chir Ma Lag Tsag Chir Ma Lag Lu Ne Bha Shig Chir At present, satisfy the bodily worm with the material things, And in future, I will satisfy them with Spirituality, May I enjoy food and drink, for the sake of sentient beings, To attain the state of perfected Buddhahood. Lu Kyi Srin Bu Nam Dha Ta Zang Zing Gi Du Ne Ma Wong Pa Na Cho Kyi Du Sem Chen Don Du Zog Pai Sang Gye Kyi Go Phang Drub Chir Za Tung Long Ched Ja If There Are Meet In The Food Than Recite: Om Ah Be Ra Khe Cha Ra Hung (x7)

5. 5 Shing Gi Dham Pa Yon Ten Den Ge Dun La Yang Chag Tsal Lo To the principal Buddha, homage. To the Dharma that protects, homage. To the Sangha assembly, homage. Homage always to the three. Sang Gye Tso La Chag Tsal Lo Kyob Pa Cho La Chag Tsal Lo Ge Dun Che La Chag Tsal Lo Sum La Tag Tu Gu Chag Tsal To the supreme teacher, the precious Buddha, To the supreme refuge, the precious Dharma, To the supreme guides, the precious Sangha, To the Triple Gem, the objects of refuge, I make offering. Ton Pa La Me Sang G ya Rin Po Che Kyob Pa La Me Dam Cho e Rin Po Che Dren Pa La Me Ge Dun Rin Po Che Kyab Na Kon Chog Sum La Cho Pa Bul A pleasant and excellent food of one hundred tastes , Offer this to the conqueror and their sons with devotions . May all the migrating being s endowed with fortune, Please enjoy the food of Samadhi . Shal Ze Ro Gya Den Pai Yi Trog Pa Leg Jar Di Ni Gyal Wa Se Che La De Pei Phul Wei Dro Wa Di Dag Kun Jor Den Ting Zin Se La Chod Par Shog Om Ah Hung (x3)

7. 7 After Food Dedication Prayer Mantra To Offer Food To The Pretas : Om Ucchishta Pandi Ah Shi Bhya Svaha I prostrate to the Bhagavan , Tathagata, Arhat, the fully accomplished Buddha, King of Jew el Light, Thoroughly Illuminating Fire Light ( Rat naprabharaja Jvalanakaraprakati ta) (7x) Chom Den Day De Shin Sheg Pa Dra Chom Pa Yang Dag Par Dzog Pai Sang Gye Rin Chen O Kyi Gyal Po Me Rab Tu Sal Wa La Chag Tsal Lo (7x) Mantra To Purify Negativities Associated With The Offerings : Nama Samanta Prabha Rajaya / Tathagataya / Arhate Samyaksam Buddhaya / Namo Manjushriye / Kumara Bhutaya Bodhisattvaya / Maha Sattvaya / Maha Karunikaya / Tadyata / Om Nira Lambhani Rabha Se Jaya Jay e Lambhe Maha Mate Dhakhey Dha k h ey Ni Me Pari Sha dahaya Svaha May those who off ered food to me attain the happiness of total peace. May all those who off ered d rink to me, served me, received m e, respected me, and made offerings to me attain the happiness of total peace. Gang Gi Dag La Kha Ze Jin Pa De Dag Nye War Shi Wai De Wa Thob Par Gyur Chig, Gang Gi Dag La Kom Lu Pa Dang, Rim Dor Je Pa Dang, Kur Ti Je Pa Dang, Ti Tang Je Pa Dang, Cho Pa Je Pa De Dag Tham Che Nye War Shi Wai De Wa Thob Par Gyur Chig

3. 3 Blessing The Offerings (3X) Om Ah Hung Ha Ho Hri Mantra Of Clouds Of Offerings (3x) Om Namo Bhagavate Vajra Sara Pramardane Tathagataya / Arhate Samyaksam Buddhaya / Tadyatha Om Vajre Vajre / Maha Vajre / Maha Teja Vajre / Maha Vidya Vajre / Maha Bodhic itta Vajre / Maha Bodhi Ma ndo Pasam Kramana Vajre / Sarva Karma Avarana Visho Dhana Vajre Svaha The Power Of Truth By the power of truth of the Three Rare Sublime Ones, The blessings o f all the Buddhas and B odhisattvas, The great wealth of the completed two collections, and the sphere of phenomena being pure and inconceivable; May it become like that. Kon C hog Sum Gyi Den Pa Dang Sang Gya Dang Jang Chub Sem Pa Tham Cha Kyi Jin Gyi Lab Dang Tshog Nyi Y ong Su Dzog Pai Nga Thang C hen Po Dang Cho Kyi Ying Nam P ar Dag Ching Sam Gyi Mi Khyab Pa i Tob Kyi Prayer To Recite Before Food The qualiti es of Buddha are inconceivable. The qualiti es of Dharma are inconceivable. The qualiti es of Arya Sangha are inconceivable. Through generati ng faith in the inconceivable, The karmic ripening result will also be inconceivable. May we be re born in a pure realm.

2. 2 Motivation The purpose of my life is to free all living beings from all suffering and its cause and lead them to full enlightenment. There are numberless hell beings f rom whom I receive all my past, present and future happiness, all realizations and enlightenment. They are the kindest, most precious beings in my life. Therefore, I m ust liberate them from all suff ering and its cause an d lead them to enlightenment by myse lf, alone. In orde r to do all this, I must first ach ieve full enlightenment myself. Therefore, I am going to practi ce the y oga of eating and make charity to all senti ent beings, including those who live in my body, and, through the connection with all sentient beings I have created by making food charity to them at this ti me, b ring them to full enlightenment by teaching them Dharma when they become human. Visualization If one is familiar w ith the visualizati on, visualize the Guru Puja merit fi eld. If not, simply visu alize the deity that you practi ce, for example, Chenrezig, Tara or Guru Shakyamuni Buddha. But when you visualize the single aspect, remember that in essence it is your root vir tuous friend, who is, in essence, all gurus, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and the statues, stupas, scriptures, and thangkas of the ten directi ons. Visualizing in one of these ways, make the off ering, thinking that numberless B ud dhas throughout the ten direct i ons receive an immeasurable amount of nectar.


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