Doorway to Enlightenment

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1. Doorway To Enlightenment

2. 2 Doorway To Enlightenment Namo Gurubhya Namo Buddha ya Namo Dharmaya Namo Sanghaya From my heart, I take and receive refuge from you, my Guru, Who embody Lord Buddha , Dharma and Sangha. May I free all beings from suffering and place them in everlasting bliss. May I develop bodhichita and exercise myself in the bodhis a ttva trainings to become like you. I see you in the space before me on an exquisite jewelled throne, upon a lotus, sun and moon, My root Guru Lord Vajradhara You, with blue - colo ured body, holding vajra and bell, Possessing the nature of all supreme refuge, Embrace your consort in great mutual bliss. Your crown, throat and heart are marked with the three syllables OM. AH and HUNG Light radiates forth from the HUNG at your heart, Inviting Guru Vajradhara from his pure land Dzah Hung Bam Hoh ! You are inseparably Lord Vajradhara O jewelled - like Guru Vajradhara, I prostrate at your lotus feet By holding you dear, your kindness bestows great bliss in me instantly I honour you with oceans of clouds of outer, inner and secret offerings - Mount Meru, the continents, a great treasure vase, the sun and the moon. These peerless Samantabhadra offerings I present to you. All Buddhas of the three times and ten directions manifest through you You, who h ave Buddha’s deeds in countless realms, O my Guru I prostrate to you

3. 3 O my precious Guru, esteemed by Vajradhara, For me, pos s essing a degenerate mind, As a fiel d of merit more holy than the endless mandalas of infinite Buddhas O my Guru , I pros trate to you Every supreme and mundane attainment Follows upon pure devotion to you, my spiritual guide. Seeing this, I forsake my body and even my life, Inspire me to practice what will only please you Requested like this, my Guru descends onto the crown of my head And we merge to become inseparable To help all mothers, I offer my body, wealth and all wor l dly possessions, Together with all my virtues and accumulated throughout the three times Without any sense of attachment. I shall never transgress, tho ugh my life be at stake, The limits of the precepts of my bodhisattva and tantric vows. Upholding the Dharma of scripture and insight Gathered in the three sutra vehicles and four classes of Tantra, I shall liberate all beings with skilful means. I dedicate this virtue so that the deeds and prayers Of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas may be fulfilled And the holy Dharma be upheld By inspiration from the Supreme Triple Gem And the force of the infallible dependent arising, May all my wonderful prayers co me true And may I quickly attain the state of Buddha hood. This simplified version of the Six Session Guru Yoga was compos ed by Singha Rinpoche . It is to be recited six times daily at regular intervals. For those who are of weak mind it is said that it can be recited three times in the morning and three times in the evening. 2 Beatty Lane, Singapore 209945 Tel: +65 64663720 www.thekchencholing,org


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