The Words Of Truth Pacifiying The Dangers Of Disharmony

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1. The Words Of Truth Pacifiying The Dangers Of Disharmony Composed by the Great Yogi Tang Tong Gyalpo . Translated by Lama Zopa Rinpoche at the time of the terrorist attack in New York and Washington d.c. , 11 September, 2001, and edited by Singha Thekchen Namdrol Rinpoche in Nov 2002.

2. 2 Om Mani Padme Hung ! Great Loving Victorious One (Maitr eya Buddha), Transcendental ly Sublime , Compassionate Eyed Looking One (Chenresig), Wrathful Victorious Hayagriva, Fully Accomplished Totally Pure (Jetsun) Tara and so forth, Merely he aring your H oly names eliminates all dangers, Objects of R efuge in the nature of compassion, P lease pay attention! When the sentient beings of this time ( of quarrelling and five degenerations ) , Through the explosion of the great ocean of evil karma and j ealousy , Are torment ed by the intensive suffering of fighting and quarrelling . Please dry this up by the power of transcendental wisdom and compassion. By letting a great rainfall of nectar of loving - kindness on us migratory beings , W ho are e ngulfed in t he conflagration of hatred - fire , Please grant blessings for us to recognize each other as our father and mother , And increase happiness and auspiciousness. May the multitudes of the vicious evil spirits Who enter the mental continuum and Change it insta ntly to the mind of asura , From now on , never run into this area, this country and this world ! I now pray for all the sentient beings that died in war s , T o abandon from that time immediately, all evil karmas with its cause and e ffect, And be re born in the Blissful Field of Sukhavati (Amitabha’s Pure Land ) , And t hen lead all others to that Pure Land. Please bles s all S amsaric beings , Who are suffering from the cycle of birth and death, To have long life, good health and to paci fy all quarrelling and fight ing. May all beings p ossess the ten virtues, have rai nfall at the right times, Always enjoy good harvest, a nd for all dwellings and its dwellers , A lways to have auspicious ness and May such blessings increase!

3. 3 Through the ultimate reality whose nature is pure , And by all phenomena whose nature is ultimate reality , By which cause and effect are un deniable , B y the Compassion of my Guru, Mind - seal Deity and R are Sublime Ones , May these pure extensive prayers be completed. The Origin of this Prayer When t here was unceasing war in Kham (Me Nyak), Tibet . A nd nobody was able to create harmony, the Great Lord Yogi (Tang Tong Gyalpo) came to Kham, generated bodhicitta and just by merely saying these true words and sprinkling flowers all the vicious minds (jealo usy and anger) were completely pacified and the war that had been continuous, ceased. There were prosperous harvests and so forth. The country became auspicious and peaceful. This is blessed vajra speech. This is one of the prayers of the Great Tantric Yogi Tang Tong Gyalpo. The other prayers that he composed were to stop famine and epidemics. Through the merits from reciting this prayer,  C ause all the people’s hearts be filled with loving - kind n ess, bodhicitta and the thought to only benefit and not har m.  May the sun of peace and happiness arise and may any wars that are happening stop immediately.  May there harmony, peace and never have violence again. 2 Beatty Lane, Singapore 209945 Tel: +65 64663720 www.thekchencholing,org


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