Prayer to Dispel the Five Maras

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1. Prayer To Dispel The Five Maras

3. 3 The maras are powerful these days, And I am easily tempted to give up all dharma cultivation for the sake of this life. Please grant me the ring of protection, Which is like a float to keep my head out of the water! Help me realise the true nature of Dharma By which I am able to dispel the five maras. Lama, I pray, please instruct the Protectors To guard myself from letting loose my mind To think about your faults, You who are the wisdom teacher, A nd not desiring to exert myself to listening and C ontemplating all that you have taught. Also, please my Supreme Lord, You who are the giver of life By giving the breath of Dharma, Grant me the aspiration to be able to dispel all thoughts o f disharmony, foolish talk and gossip Which causes anger and the seed of flaming hell. Guru, most kind in a million ways, Whose kindness I am unable to describe, Show me, lead me and put me on the path of liberation Protect me from the distractions of good food and drin k, comfortable beddings, Profitable businesses, all of which are tentacles of samsara, I beg of you! Supreme Lord of Great Compassion, You who have completed the path of great union, Showed me the path of unending patience, concentration and diligence All of which have been practised by the wise ones, Paths that have been practised by all past and present Buddhas .

4. 4 Oh You Lord of Great Wisdom, Who manifests in a million ways, Keep me afloat from sinking Into the sea of sleepiness and laziness. Lastly, You, Lord of three times and ten directions, Supreme Guru, who out of compassion for me, a lowly being, You gave up all your enjoyments in the pure realms t o c ome back for me. Please protect me and shield me f rom coming under the influence of discursive t houghts, attachment, Jealousy and anger. In short, keep me under your protection And not let me stray from the perfect path. Help me cultivate my own seed of enlightenment Till it grows and ripens for all sentient beings. Having been strongly requested by Dorje Namdrol (Lim Ho Beng) on behalf of all students this prayer of guru devotion and the dispelling of maras was very kindly composed on the 1 st day of the 5 th month of the Water Horse Ye ar by Sing ha Rinpoche. 2 Beatty Lane, Singapore 209945 Tel: +65 64663720 www.thekchencholing,org

2. 2 Prayer To Dispel The Five Maras Hung ! Supreme Lord, You who are my Guru, Who has been kind in unlimited ways Since my begi nningless lives of being blinded By the paths of samsara, I prostrate to you - Guru who has the four bodies! Please bless me by granting me the ability to open my heart And let you enter and rest your blazing manifestations From now until my supreme enlightenment. Oh Guru, You who are all powerful, kind, And in reality already a Buddha , Please bless me to be always able to keep th is thought in my mind and stabilise it with your supreme seal of dharma. Even offering you three trillion mandalas And myself with all my possessions and belongings forever, I would not be able to repay the kindness you have shown me. I, who am helpless and of a definite weak mind, Cry for your help and blessings to accomplish some results i n my dharma cultivation. Lord of the three times and ten directions, Though I am unworthy of your love and compassion, I beg you to please keep me in your heart! Hold me dear until I attain the essence of enlightenment And please forgive me for all that I have done with my ignorant and coarse mind. Myself wandering helplessly, Pushed around by waves of samsara, Gasping for air, request you to keep me afloat And not to be drowned in the oceans of samsara!


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