Special Mandala Offering

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1. Mandala Offering

3. 3 And a mass of Samantabhadra offerings Together with the objects that arouse my anger, attachment and ignorance Friends, enemies and strangers I gladly offer to my Guru , Yidam and Three Jewels P lease accept them t hrough compassion A nd bestow your blessings and inspirations! Outer Mandala OM AH HUNG ( x 3 ) This ground,anointed with perfume,strewn with flowers (Sa - Zhi Po - Kyi Jug - Shing May - Tog Tram) Adorned with Mount Meru,the four continents,the sun and the moon (Ri - Rab Ling - Zhi Nyi - Day Gyan - Pa Di) Imagine this as a Buddha - field and offer it (Sang - Gye Zhing - Du Mig - Tay Ul - War Gyi) May all living beings enjoy this pure land (Dro - Kun Nam - Dag Zhing - La Cho - Par Shog) Inner Mandala The objects of my attachment, anger and ignorance (Dag - Gi Chag - Dang Mong - Sum Kye - Pay Yul) My body, my wealth and enjoyments (Dra - Nyen Bar - Sum Lu - Dang Long - Cho Che) Without any sense of loss I offer this collection (Pang - Pa Me - Par Bul - Gyi Leg - Zhe Nay) Please accept it with pleasure and bless me with freedom from the three poisons (Dug - Sum Rang - Sar Drol - War Jin - Gyi Lob) I send forth this jewelled mandala to you, oh my precious Gurus Om Idam Guru Ratna Mandalakam Nirya Tayami 2 Beatty Lane, Singapore 209945 Tel: +65 64663720 www.thekchencholing,org

2. 2 Mandala Offering OM AH HUNG ! ( x 3 ) OM vajra mighty golde n ground AH HUNG OM vajra mighty golden fence AH HUNG Great ocean of crystal clear fresh waters With mount meru in the middle The four great lands and its eight subcontinents Anointed with perfume and bestrewn with fragrant heavenly flowers The seven royal and the seven secondary royal possessions of the universal emperor The eight offering godd esses and the eight auspicious signs At the top, the grand palace of the gods With the sun, the moon, the precious parasol and the victory banner This sparking golden luminous mandala which captivates all Filled with diamonds, sapph ires, sparking rubies, emeralds and south sea pearls Wish fulfilling gems, turquoises, corals, amethysts, citrines and dzis’ Emanating a million rainbows With another similar mandala at the end of it’s rays Sporting the play of emanations and m anifestations Gazillions of mandalas fill the entire realms of the sky, the land and the space in between! By Means of HUNG The Faults of My Impure Visualizations are purified By Means of AH The Mandalas Become Luminous and are actualized By Means of OM The Mandalas Fills the Ten Directions and the three times! OM AH HUNG ! ( x 3 ) All beings of the three times And my own body, speech and mind, our wealth, virtues and merits of the three times This fine, precious Mandala


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